Park Hill students graduate ready for life because we prepare them every step of the way.

From high-quality early education, to a strong foundation in elementary and middle school, to our challenging high-school coursework, college and career readiness is our goal in every classroom.

We measure students' progress with our innovative College and Career Readiness Index, which helps us determine if students are on track to succeed in their college or career plans.

Pictured: Professional Studies student internship


The Park Hill Professional Studies program gives students the hands-on professional experiences to make important career decisions before they graduate, saving them time, money and energy.

Students explore careers through internships, through courses in actual workplaces, and through other hands-on opportunities in the community.

Lauren Ingraham, Professional Studies student: "I’ve learned what it’s like to be in that environment, and it’s just more natural now. I feel more comfortable sending out an email or hopping on a conference call and playing an active role."


Our students are learning the skills they need to succeed in college and in life, through our Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program.

Students from elementary through high school learn the best approaches to studying, critical thinking, working in a team and organizing.

Angelina Ramirez, AVID student: "It helps us refresh and study, so we can do well. The environment is cool, and the teachers are really supportive."


A successful graduate also has good social and emotional skills, so we are developing our curriculum to help our students become strong, resilient adults.

We want students to be able to understand and manage their feelings, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Victoria Janky, teacher: "It’s amazing, because they no longer think their feelings are unacceptable. They learn why they feel a certain way and how they can manage it. It’s been groundbreaking."

When you ask people in our area where they live, they will likely tell you they live in the Park Hill School District.

Even though the district includes parts of Kansas City, Missouri, as well as Parkville, Riverside, Weatherby Lake, Platte Woods, Lake Waukomis, Northmoor and Houston Lake, it is the school district that unifies this community.

Our Park Hill family continues to grow, as families move here all the time because of the quality of our top-ranking, high-achieving schools.

Ebony Harris, parent: "Both academics and diversity are important factors when selecting a school district. After our research, we found that Park Hill stood out as one of the best districts in the Kansas City area, which is why we chose to live here."


Because people continue moving here for our schools, Park Hill's enrollment has grown consistently for more than thirty consecutive years.

Several years ago, we made a plan to address that growth, which included building new schools and facilities.

At the same time, we keep all of our buildings up-to-date in order to maintain our community’s investment.

We take care of all our programs, with spaces at our schools for everything from arts to sports.


With so many families moving to the Park Hill School District, our classrooms grew crowded. That's why we created the LEAD Innovation Studio, which created opportunities for students while freeing up space at our two high schools.

Park Hill’s LEAD Innovation Studio provides high-school students with a flexible and personalized education. At LEAD, the project-based approach enhances students’ problem-solving skills and provides real-world experiences.

LEAD’s student population includes all ability levels, reflecting the diversity that makes the Park Hill School District so special.

Drawn to LEAD’s fresh and innovative approach to learning, more and more students are enrolling in the program each year.

Leah Kabuya, LEAD student: "I like the student-teacher connection, because you have someone helping you through that journey. I like school more because I’m at LEAD."

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