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We work with motivated entrepreneurs and small business teams to emotionally connect to their most lucrative prospects and inspire them to become customers.

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Branding is clearly expressing what you stand for and why it matters to your ideal client. It is why and how you are different from all the other choices out there. If you are not clearly and powerfully expressing why someone should buy from you and what problems you are solving for them, your company will be sinking in a sea of sameness and gasping for air.

It's not about your favorite color and creating something you "like" - branding has to be more than a logo and a business card.

Branding is your compelling story of why and how and for who.

The good news is we have an efficient process to get your vision out of your heart and onto paper while being keenly aware of what the competition is doing.

We begin with a story and end with visuals that will be the springboard of the awesome value your business creates for others.

Here are a few brand names and identities we've created*:

(* Naventive developed all the above brand names with the exception of Barley BinAretaeus and Finer Things)

Want to build a super-sticky stand-out brand?


Maybe you're getting your business off the ground, or maybe you're a veteran and the tried and true methods are losing steam. Either way, having a specific and intentional way forward is critical.

If you are overwhelmed, or you have been trying the throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks approach, or you have been aimlessly dabbling on every social media platform because you're "supposed to," then you are in the right place.

We will work with you to gain clarity on the best ways forward and who your best customers are.

We look for the paths of least resistance and greatest efficiency so you will see results as quickly as possible and get the best bang for your buck.

Get absolute clarity about who you are, what you stand for, who your ideal clients are, how to attract them, and next steps to take.

Lead Generation

After you have established a world-class brand and a clear path forward, it's time to get down to what just about every client we work with ultimately wants... leads!

We can create captivating ads in your brand's voice on the most effective digital platforms along with a proper dose of traditional methods when the party calls for it.

We can handle it all from copy and design to ad management, CRM integration, and nurturing.

Need leads? Let's talk.

Sales Coaching & Consulting

No amount of qualified leads matter if the systems and skills are not in place to make a match with your business.

At the most basic level, sales is simple. It's not trying to convince someone to do business with you or using slick mind games to trick them into buying.

We take the ickiness out of the sales process and present it for what it is: a systematic approach to uncover your potential customers' concerns and challenges while showing that you have the proper remedy for their pain- if you do.

Learn how to be more effective in face-to-face sales meetings, on the phone, and in your collateral.

Hi. My name is Rob Maccabee. Thanks for connecting with me here.

I founded Naventive to put my 25+ years of hard-earned entrepreneurial, marketing, branding, sales, and management experience to work for you and your business.

I see my job as helping to make your dreams come true- for your financial freedom, your family, and your ability to contribute to the world in all the ways you desire.

When I'm not learning and working with clients, you can find me hanging with my beautiful wife and kids, cooking something delicious, writing a song, or performing with one of several bands I have the privilege to play with.

If you think it makes sense for us to talk further, please reach out. I'd love to get to know more about you and your business.

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