From Brittania's Pastorals Greek Myth PROJECT by Kelsey Mayhew

The Myth of this poem is that of Adonis' love triangle involving him, Proserpina and Venus.

In the Poem from Britannia's Pastorals the Mortal God Adonis has died in Venus' arms. Venus being the Goddess Adonis has spent much of his time with she weeps helplessly and has to constantly wipe her tears from his face or else she would drown him.

As he dies she says:

With this she brings to life the myth of Adonis' two lovers, Venus and Proserpina. Before all of this Proserpina was appointed to care for Adonis by Venus. When Venus returns for him Proserpina refuses to give him back. They fight that ultimately results in a compromise that Adonis will spend one third of the year with Proserpina and one third with Venus. The other third however he wishes. He chooses to spends it with Venus.

An Allusion:

For this poem I have found the illusion of Taylor Swift's song You belong with me. In this song and video Taylor finds herself caught between a fight for a guy with his girlfriend. The Girlfriend is full of drama and sees herself as the prom queen that deserves the perfect prince. Meanwhile Taylor and the guy share an unknown romance that involves them talking through paper and a window. In the end The guy breaks up with his girlfriend for Taylor.

Just like Taylor Proserpina and Venus find themselves in the same fight for Adonis' love. In the end Venus ultimately wins his heart but he ultimately dies.

The tone of this myth is sad and Dark. Venus' heart is broken by the death of her love. She craves for vengeance and for Adonis to be a live again.

The Lesson of this myth is to cherish those you love. You never know what tomorrow may bring and how long you have. If you spend your time wisely you will be able to move on better than if you hadn't.

The three of these are all connecting because they all have a very common theme. They are about love and jealousy. There is a supposed Heroine and her enemy. In the case of the poem the Heroine would be Venus and her enemy would be Proserpina. In the case of Taylor's song the heroine is blonde Taylor and the enemy is brunette Taylor.

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