The faces behind the Richmond businesses By jaxi cohen

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on small businesses all across San Francisco. Streets that were once crowded now only have a trickle of pedestrians, and local businesses are affected by the decrease in customers. The Richmond District, my neighborhood, is home to many of these shops, stores, and restaurants. Below, I showcase a few local businesses and the people who run them. They also give a few recommendations to fill the time due to the recent stay-at-home order.

All photos by Jaxi Cohen

At Green Apple Books, the cashier, Maelin Rose, is currently reading the Neapolitan Quartet series, a collection of Italian novels, and recommends it for quarantine reading. Founded in 1967, the bookstore has multiple floors and reading nooks with shelves of both new and used books.

Surrounded by baked goods and the smell of coffee, Devil’s Teeth Baking Company barista Summer shares her favorite foods during quarantine: pasta and sandwiches. The bakery offers comfort food, baked goods, and coffee.

Behind a shield of plexiglass, Gables Office Supplies and Stationary worker Mariana Ruiz explains to customers her practice of origami to pass the time. She recalls making turkeys to give to friends for Thanksgiving. The store is known for its large collection of greeting cards and envelopes.

Many months after the first stay-at-home order, a surge in COVID-19 cases has led to another one. The order has impacted local businesses, who are facing yet another challenge. Because San Franciscans are staying home, fewer and fewer customers are shopping at local businesses, which are often without online ordering services. Now more than ever, it is important to support the local business community.