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CFC - Stepping Stones

4 year olds at CFC were learning about the 5 Senses. In addition to multiple hands-on activities in the STEAM lab, they learned how to resize and reposition photos in Book Creator to show off their learning of each of the 5 senses.

My 5 Senses

Sun Path: 3rd-5th Grade

The "Turn In" Box in the front of the classroom has "Gone Digital"...

As we move students into more of an educational digital world at Sun Path, our 3rd thru 5th graders are learning how to digitally work on assignments using an App called Notability. Teachers, are in essence, creating a digital worksheet, handout or formative assessment and students are using Notability to complete this assignment or assessment. Once inside Notability, students are using the highlighting tools, underlining and text feature options as well as other tools Notability has to offer and then sending it back to the teacher for a grade or for a specific Learning Target understanding. Teachers are beginning to see the benefits of this App as they are having the ability to check for quicker understanding on specific curricular Learning Targets. This has been a great first step for many staff members and students into the understanding of where digital education is today and where it is going into the future.

Going Digital!

Eagle Creek - 5th Grade Student Highlight

Mulki, a 5th Grade student at Eagle Creek has launched a diversity podcast. Her vision is to share about her culture and to host others to come and share about their cultures as well. Once a week during recess, she and her guest sit down for a conversation to learn more about one another and tell their stories. You can listen to her published podcasts here: https://www.shakopee.k12.mn.us/domain/2499

Mulki Doing a Podcast

Red Oak

5th Graders at Red Oak immersed themselves into their learning by creating interactive digital posters explaining the concepts of weathering and erosion. Using the app ThingLink, each student found a background image and added 'hot spots' to their image consisting of pictures, videos, audio, and captions to the photo highlighting important information they have learned throughout their Science unit.


4th grade students learned how to create different rhythm patterns in music class. Traditionally students would be called up to the SMART board individually to make a rhythm pattern for the class to perform. The music standards state the students should be able to create and perform basic rhythm patterns.

In music, the teacher wanted to give each student a chance to make their rhythm patterns on the iPad in a way that was similar to their instructional practice on the SMART board but allow them multiple chances to practice before they were assessed.

Using Book Creator, the teacher created a multiple-page book creator template that allowed student to practice their rhythm skills. The final page was the assessment page. Students submitted the assessment to a Seesaw activity for Sari to grade. Within Seesaw, students were also able to clap or perform their rhythm patterns.

Creating Rhythm Patterns
Music and Literacy

West: 8th Grade Accelerated English

Students in 8th Grade Accelerated English at East and West researched a high-interest topic of their choosing and presented it as an argumentative podcast. Using the iPad app, Anchor, students were able to record their voices, insert musical introductions and interludes, and publish their podcasts to the web. The final products showcased the student's communication skills and were really professional!

8th Graders Preparing Podcasts

High School: 9-10 Grade Reading

During workshop week Lisa Rose began the legwork for launching the SHS Read to Me Project. Lisa wanted to launch a project for Reading Prep students to engage in an authentic, service learning experience. In this community outreach project, students promoted a positive literacy experience for our district’s youngest readers. Lisa shared, "Reading aloud is critical to literacy development and builds motivation, vocabulary, and a connection between the spoken and written word." The Reading Prep students benefited greatly throughout the journey, employing their 21st century skills and the 6 C’s. They worked in pairs to collaborate, select, analyze, edit, and reflect upon the reading and recording process. "Students had the incredible opportunity to serve as role models for our district’s youngest readers."

The students took pride in their work, sharing that one of their favorite parts was “knowing that it’s going to help other kids.”

SHS Read to Me Project

CFC: Daycare Provider Training

Sally Stockey and Courtney Olson from CFC obtained a mental health grant for providing training to daycare providers in the areas of social and emotional development in preschoolers. There are three sessions of a traditional evening class, but Sally and Courtney developed an online course in Canvas for the daycare providers, too. In this course are class resources as well as online discussion groups to help continue the learning beyond school walls!

Hybrid Course for Daycare Providers

We can't wait to see what's next, Shakopee Schools! Show us your creativity!

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