Isaac Gunaseelan #3 Journal Exodus 12,.20,24

Chapter 12: This chapter starts with talking about the first month of that year it gave specific instructions on how to eat a year old lamb. The first day is eating bread without yeast. It also said that the Lord would strike down every firstborn.

Chapter 20: In this chapter God gave father the ten commandments all the people were really scared. God told the Israelites not to make idols and other God he also told them to make an altar for offering.

Chapter 24: This chapter starts with Moses seeing God and no one else was allowed too. The next morning he set up 12 pillars representing the twelve tribes of Israel then he read the Book of the Covenant. And then God gave the people his law.

Conclusion: I think these chapters are important because Moses gets the Ten Commandments here which is a very recognized part of the bible. These chapters are also important because they got God's low.

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