Age of Imperialsim By Gabriela Gorash


Economic & Political motive
Economic motive


Effect for the first image
Effect for the second image


Motive 1, effect 1...

I chose to use the first image as an example of how Europe used political and economical motives in order to gain power and money from the land of Africa because it shows how they got their "hands" on Africa before anyone else, and they are using it to gain money by selling products that are produced in Africa. The image that I chose to represent the effect for the motive shows how there were 14 nations that came together to discuss how the African land would be divided, this meeting was made in order to prevent wars over claims of African land. This meeting is mainly known as, "The Berlin Conference". The picture also shows how each nation not only took over land, but also created famine, disease, hunger, etc...

Motive 2, effect 2...

I chose these images to show European imperialism in Africa because they both show how they used economic motives in order to gain money from selling products that are produced in Africa. The first image shows what type of products there are in Africa, and in what areas they are. For example, in Sudan there is gold, in Algeria there are products like petroleum, and natural gas. All over Africa there are many different types of products and many European nations fought for what they wanted. The second image helps show which European nations took over what part of Africa, for example on the image it shows orange on some parts of Africa, and that means that every part that is orange was taken over by Great Britain.




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