Basic Baseball Terms Charlie brundage


The ball used (duh)

Seriously what were you expecting


What you hit the ball with

"I'd hit dat"

First Base

The first place you run to after hitting the ball

Also comments first on every youtube video

Second Base

Where you run to after first

(Insert joke that is not school appropriate)

3rd Base

Run to this after second

Are you annoyed by me switching between numbers and words for 1st, second, 3rd?

Home plate

Where you start and finish

I can't think of a joke for this one


Who throws the ball to the person with the ball

Better if they're left handed (discrimination)


The outer field

Again what were you expecting


What you catch the ball with

Also on your non-dominant hand

No joke processed in my brain right now


Stands in between 3rd and second base

Shoulda put this earlier


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