Energy Manager By:alex gattafoni

Energy managers perform inspections to evaluate energy use. They come up with strategies on how to reduce energy consumption by using biofuels and energy friendly materials

Energy managers use a chemical known as biofuels which is used in cars. biofuels is found in alcohol and is used as a type of Eco-friendly fuel.

motor fuels
Bio fuels are needed in energy management because it helps improve the environment.
Ethonal= C2H6O
Glucose= C6H12O6

Here are some of the chemical word equations for the chemicals used in energy management: Ethanol=C6H12O6+2C2H5OH-->C2O2, Glucose C12H22O11+H2O-->2C6H12O6, and Maltose 2(C6H105)n+ nH2O--> nC12H22011


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