#Goals Ms. Dellisanti 2017

A year from now...

PYSICALLY HEALTHIER - 80 lbs lighter, no more pre-diabetes, physically stronger, no longer using eating as my primary "stress coping" mechanism. I want to achieve this goal above all others so that I can be at peace with myself and enjoy a life of heath and accomplishing other goals.

4 years ago This year

OCEAN - I want to take my dog, Sadie to the ocean. The ocean is my "happy place", the place where I feel the most centered and clear, and experiencing that for the first time with my first dog is an important milestone for me.

MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY HEALTHIER - I want to be a stronger and more positive version of myself in one year. I want to build a "toolbox" of healthy coping strategies and work on being kinder and more loving toward myself. I want to achieve this goal within the year so that I am better equipped to handle life's surprises and stresses without being self-destructive. I deserve the love that I so willingly give to the people around me.

MASTER'S DEGREE - In the next year, I'd like to begin a Master's program at NAU or ASU. I want to achieve this goal not only to increase the amount that I will be able to earn as a teacher, but to prove to myself that I have the chops to complete a degree program and continue as a lifelong learner.

Three years from now...

RECORD ORIGINAL MUSIC - My family has been asking for several years for me to record the songs I've written over the years. In the next five years I'd like to have a professional album recorded of all of my original music to give to my parents and friends.

DREAM CAR - Within the three years, I want to save enough money to buy a car that I get to drive most of the life out of. My dream car is a 1967 Chevy Impala, but I would settle for a car in good condition.

CANADA TRIP - In the next three years I want to go on a "Contiki" sponsored trip to Canada. One of the activities I look forward to the most is riding horses through the mountains. Similar to visiting the beach, I feel at peace and centered while on horseback and among nature.

AUSTRALIA - The most important 3 year goal is to visit my brother in Australia, which is where he will likely go to get his Master's degree. I want to do this not only to see more of the world, but to show my support for him while he's so far away from home.

My brother, Cole, and I during our visit to Arkansas, January 2017

Five years from now...

TRAVEL - In five years, I want to be in a financial position to be able to travel by myself (without parents' help). I want to visit Italy and Ireland, where my grandparents are from, and there are other places I'd like to adventure to - and visiting those places alone is an aspect of independence that's really important to me.

BEAGLE PUPPY - I have always loved the beagle breed. Within the next five years, I would like to have a beagle that I've had since it was a puppy. I want to train him to howl on command, and I want to take him on trips and be best friends. #cheekybeagle

HOME OF MY OWN - In the next 5 years I want to purchase (on my own or with a partner) and make it completely mine. I want that house to have a big front and back yard, with a little bit of property (like, 1.5-2 acres). I want it to be unique and homely, and a place I can be proud to have people come and visit.

MARRIAGE - I would love to be married within the next five years. I want someone who will challenge me, support and comfort me, accept me for who I am, and share a life we build together.

Ten years from now...

DEBT FREE - In the next ten years, my goal is to have paid off all of my student loans. This is so important to me because I want to go through my life beholden to nobody. Once I'm free of this debt, all of the money I work hard for and earn will be mine to save and spend.

MOTHERHOOD - By the time I'm 37 years old, I want to be a mother. Ideally this would be in a nuclear family with 2 parents, but if I don't find a partner, I would like to have adopted at least one child, if not two.....I want love to be my legacy, and I want that legacy to express itself in my children.

PASSING THE TORCH - In the next ten years, I want to serve in a mentorship role to new teachers. I was seriously blessed with some amazing experienced teachers who took me under their wing when I first started out, and I want to pay that gift forward and help strengthen the education industry.

FINISH & PUBLISH WRITTEN WORK - I've been working on a novel series called "The Diadem" since I was 20. In the next 10 years I want to finish at least the first two books in the series, and see at least the first book published. This will feel like such a huge accomplishment to me, as creative writing has always been a passion of mine.

A goal without a plan is just a wish....set a goal, plan it out, make a deadline, and DO IT.


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