#Goals Ms. Dellisanti 2018

A year from now...

Physical Health Goal: Lose 80 lbs

THIS GOAL IS IMPORTANT TO ME BECAUSE -- This body is the only body I get to use, and I want it to last as long as it can. At my current weight, there is a strain on my heart, my joints, and my reproductive system (due to hormone changes). I also want to set a good example of health and wellness to my students.

Fall 2014 Summer 2017

1. I will replace carbs and starches (bread, pasta, desserts, etc.) with vegetable and fruit alternatives, as well as eliminate all processed sugar (candy, desserts, soda, alcohol) for the year.

2. I will track my food intake and exercise using the Weight Watchers app and the FitBit app on my phone, and commit to staying within my allowed food points and earning my activity points 5 out of 7 days of the week.

Educational Goal: Graduate with honors from Master's Program

THIS GOAL IS IMPORTANT TO ME BECAUSE -- I want to be able to mentor new teachers or student teachers effectively, and my master's degree is equipping me with what I need to know to be the most helpful to young teachers. I also want to graduate with honors because I will be the first sibling in my family to get a master's degree, and I want to set the bar high!


1. I will set a weekly schedule for myself that gives me time to complete my readings, homework, research, discussion questions, essays, and exams. I will use the calendar on my work computer and hand-written planner to remind myself of due dates and study time.

2. I will eliminate distractions for myself during tests and essay writing sessions by setting a timer for 30 minutes to work, with 5 minute breaks in between 30 minute sessions. During tests and essay writing, I will turn my phone to "Do Not Disturb" and put it under my pillow in the other room so that I am not tempted to procrastinate and therefore produce a mediocre result because of distractions.

Three years from now...

Financial Goal: Pay off Both Credit Cards

THIS GOAL MATTERS TO ME BECAUSE -- I've developed some bad spending habits as a result of mismanaged stress in my life. Paying off both of my credit cards will help me feel accomplished and give me the sense of financial freedom I've been looking for.


1. I will commit one hour per day to making calls and booking Mary Kay parties to generate income to put down on my credit cards.

2. I will save the income from working extra duties (sports events, Glendale Union Online courses, curriculum redesign, private music lessons) in a separate bank account, and use that money ONLY for credit card payments.

Personal Goal: Publish Music

THIS GOAL IS IMPORTANT TO ME BECAUSE -- I have written many songs about my life, experiences, struggles, and growth as a person, and I think the messages are relatable to other people. My ultimate life goal is to inspire others, so publishing music that could give other people a fresh perspective or a hope that things get better would be one way to pursue that goal.


1. I will compile a folder on my laptop that contains all of the song lyrics and recordings I've created, as well as keep a hand written journal for new song lyrics and musical concepts.

2. I will research the best processes for turning my music into an album or publishing it online with copyrights established; I will also get in touch with my uncle who is a professional musician in LA and determine if he has any connections in the music industry.

3. I will audition for The Voice on February 4th to pursue the beginning of a music/song writing career.

Five years from now...

Personal Goal: Relocate to Louisianna

THIS GOAL IS IMPORTANT TO ME BECAUSE -- My roots have always been in Louisiana, because that is where my family is. My cousin has started a horse sanctuary in Columbia, LA, where I ultimately want to work as a part time ranch hand and horse trainer. My dogs deserve a yard and horse friends, and I deserve to go where I feel called to go.


By focusing on my weight and health, I will be more physically able to endure a cross-country move. By achieving my master's degree and paying off my credit card debt, I will be more marketable to a potential school district in Louisiana and more financially prepared to buy my first home out of state.

Ten years from now...

Life Goal: Inspire others to pursue their goals and dreams.
How is this goal connected to my other goals?

By working hard and achieving my short term goals of weight loss, conquering my master's degree despite the obstacles, overcoming financial debt, and finding the courage to start over in a new place with new people, my hope is that my story will help someone else along the way believe in themselves and pursue their dreams and goals. My life is never wasted if it can be used as an example for others.


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