Follow the Fashion Trends All of the Styles to add to your wardrobe

The Color Palette

These rich color trends were meant to contrast the dreariness of 2020. Bright pigments like Marigold and Raspberry Sorbet, pastel hues like Illuminating Yellow, and warm neutrals such as Willow and Buttercream represent the liveliness of 2021.

Wide-Legged pANTS

A lot of today’s biggest trends prefer a wider leg: street-friendly skatewear, pleated mid-century styles and voluminous tailoring are all flattering below the belt. Many stars like Harry Styles, David Bowie and even Frank Sinatra have worn wide-leg pants.

The pants itself are a statement piece, meaning no one really has to try that hard when styling an outfit with them.

MidRiff Flossing

Midriff Flossing is a series of crisscrossing cords and wraparound details resembling dental floss (hence the name).

It can be seen on skirts, bralettes, as well as the middle region of a maxi dress. This brand new trend accentuates the hips and highlight the stomach.

"Second Skin" Tops

"Second skin" tops are basically any top that grazes so close to the body that it may as well be another layer of skin. While it might sound uncomfortable, the tops are so pretty that it makes up for it.

They are relevant across every season. They're also easy to wear, layer and style. These tops come in so many variations and price points meaning there is one for every type of style out there.

Trench Coats

Make a statement with trench coats. These coats are becoming more innovative than ever before.

From dramatic lapels to interesting slits, drop waists and bold sleeves, you can have your trench and your statement piece all at once.


Brought into the spotlight, the statement collar look has since proliferated at both ends of the style spectrum. Designer and high-street brands offer enviable iterations.

Combining the flattering fit of a traditional shirt with a little directional appeal, this is the sort of trend you can throw on with jeans and instantly look more cool.

OverSized Button-Downs

This look is all about billowing silhouettes that were inspired by standard poplins, which are plain-woven fabrics, usually lightweight cotton, with a corded surface.

They have been reimagined in bright shades of pink and orange, done up as dresses, and shown extra long on the sleeves and extra wide around the waist. With the variety of ways to style these shirts, it will make people look twice.

Bold SHoulders

It wasn't until the '30s when the bold shoulder trend was introduced to women's fashion, but it quickly died off in the '40s.

After making a comeback in the 80s, it's trending again, but being completely revamped, with aggressive peaks, a mutton sleeve, a cape and not-so-simple tees.


Another blast from the past that Harry Styles has brought back is '80s styled suits. With the loose fit, variety of fabrics, and the use of less common colors, this trend is a great way to break out of the ordinary.

Style it down by wearing the oversized coat with some dark wash denims, or go all out with the matching pants. Whichever way you choose to go, there's always a place to wear them.


It's time to ditch skinny jeans and buy some baggy jeans. It's hard to resist these since they're breathable, comfortable, and stylish.

Get the best of both worlds by hopping on this trend. They come in a variety of washes, ripped patterns, and embroidery.

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