How to build rapport? Jose Carlos Escobar Duque.

What rapport means?

It's the ability of creating a comfortable relationship with other people seeing their point of view and making them see yours in order to lead.

Rapport is created by feeling of commonality.

seven tips for a good rapport.


Commonality: Try to find something in common with the other person something of what both feel comfortable talking about. You can ask him about sports, music, cinema...


Empathy: Try to show you can understand how the other person feels and that can you see his point of view. Eg. Listen to the person who is talking for 5 minutes and try to put yourself in his situation


Coordination: It's one of the most important factors, you have to be in harmony with the other person, try to copy his moving, how he talks (volume, tone, speed...) even the breathing, with this you can feel what he feels.


Feedback: Reflect and clarify to the other person you are hearing him, express your opinion about what he said, if you have a different idea about he said give the reason first and then say you disagree . The feedback purpose it's to create more confidence relationship.


Open questions: Ask to the the person you talking to open question that need more than a 'yes' or 'no' answer, for example What did you do on your last holidays?


Coordinate yourself: You have to accompany your with you body language in order to reduce the misunderstanding, for example you can't ask someone about his problem cross armed because it's a distrust signal.

Remember, one pictures is worths a thousands words.


SMILE: It open the communication channel with much more facilities to start speaking with someone because he sees you like a social person and not aggressive or violent.

Activities to practice.

Two truths an a lie: Firstly, we write in a sheet of paper 2 truths and a lie about ourself then we put it in a bag and we start talking between us about half an hour and finally we all take one paper and try to guess who belong.(to)

One question game: We involves creating a situation for the participants in which they are only able to ask one question whether the other it's or not suitable for the situation. The group are formed by two people and we give them one situation(marriage or babysitting) and then we give them 5 minutes to think the question.


This video it's a perfect manifestation of good and bad rapport, firstly "Joy" try to cheer up "Bing Bong" but she tried from her happiness, without any empathy, in the other hand "Sadness" try to understand the "Bing Bong's" feelings and it makes him feel more comfortable.

On this funny advertisement we se how the seller change his tone, volume and speed of his voice in order to be listened by he client, that was we called coordination, and this is a extreme example which is useful to understand how we have to do.

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