Rochester, Minnesota Why Its the best city in north america

The city of Rochester is an overall wonderful place, starting with affordability. The average property taxes are $2,126, which is less tchan the national average of $2,921. The median home price is $173,00, which is also less than the national average of $229,235.

Economy growth compared to Wisconsin

The Mayo Clinic plays a significant role in Rochester. The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to clinical practice, research and education, and medical attention to anyone who needs it. The Mayo Clinic employs over 30,000 people and provides strong education for students. It draws many tourists and people of different culture. It also provides strong healthcare for anyone who needs it.

The mayo Clinic

Diversity in Rochester is very important. They have a diversity council which has a goal of making Rochester more diverse. They also want education, civic, and health equity. Since 2015, African American residents grew by 20% and population of Asian, Hispanic, or residents of 2 or more races grew by 18%.

Climate in Rochester is very similar to most of the Midwest. The average temperature through the summer in mid-70's to low 80's. In the winter, the temperature ranges anywhere from low 30's to the single digits in some extreme cases. Snowfall is also very common throughout the winter months. This type of weather is great for people who like to experience all four seasons; hot in the summer and cold/snowy in the winter.

Snow during the winter months in Rochester
Average temperatures throughout the year

Rochester has a great variety of schools. There are many colleges that range from technical schools to community colleges. There are also some private catholic schools and a large public school system. Schools in Rochester were continuously recognized for having educated teachers and a great learning system. If a family has kids, it is important that the city has a good school system and Rochester does.

There are many grocery stores to shop at including ALDI, Costco, Target, Trader Joe's, and many other small businesses. There's also many places to shop, including Kohl's, JcPenney, Macy's, and the Apache Mall which has many other common places. Rochester also has over 100 restaurants. This gives you many options for shopping and dining that are close.

Rochester has a strong police department consisting of about 195 people. They work together to make the school districts and the whole city safer. Throughout the years, crime rates have dropped and Rochester continues to be safe. Although crime still happens, as it does in all cities, it's important to make sure that the city you are moving to is safe and has a strong police system.

Violent crime has dropped

Overall, when looking for a great city to move to, prices, healthcare, schools, diversity, and safety all play a big role. Although Rochester has room for improvement, it still exceeds in many of those categories.

Shopping Plaza

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