Church Staff

Secretary: Debbie Petrewski Organist/Pianist: Bonnie Jayne Custodian: Carol Townsend

Pastor T.J., his wife Alyson, and their Son J.P. McCabe

Pastor T.J. and Alyson McCabe come to us from Hughesville, PA, which is basically where they both grew up. T.J. graduated from Lycoming College with a Bachelors of Arts in Music, and is currently in his third year of seminary education at Drew Theological School as he continues to pursue ordination in the church to become an elder. Both Alyson and T.J. love music and they have been known to share their talents with us from time to time, and they too love the talent and passion of music that exists in our congregation. They welcomed their son Joseph Paul (J.P.) into their lives on December 1st. As a part of our church and our community Pastor T.J. longs for us to know that we are all Children of God, and to look to the passage from Micah 6:8 that says, "What does the Lord Require of you, but to do Justice, to love kindness, and the walk humbly with God." (ESV) "God has created each and everyone of us, he knows our name and our innermost desires, and while each of us fall shorts of what we should and shouldn't do; God claims us, God offers us grace. We are called to love one another in this same way. How can we sin against ourselves and think we aren't sinning against God? So we seek Justice in our world, we love kindness and grace, and only then can walk humbly hand in hand with God and one another."


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