How to Simply Book Y'all this is gonna be great!

Welcome to the Simply Book Me NAFSA 2017 training! For those of you new to Simply Book Me, this is the tool that we use to schedule meetings at NAFSA. It is a great way to share your available time, allow contacts to a time that is convenient for them and to provide detailed information about meeting agenda. All meeting time frames have now been standardized for 30 minutes. If you find yourself needing longer than 30 minutes, just book two in a row or extend the length of the pre-booked meeting.

1. How to share your personal page

Go to the ISA Booking Site

Find yourself

Copy and paste your unique URL (HINT: its at the top^)

2. How to manage your personal calendar and bookings

Log-in with your first initial and last name and password NAFSA 2017

You will see today's bookings, but progress the calendar to end of May for current bookings

Browse by ISA Staff, Month or Timeline View. Click on a meeting for more information.

3. Download the Mobile App for calendars on the go!

4. The default available hours coincide with the expo hall, but if you would like to modify your hours....

Click the pencil icon (not pictured) and then providers on the left-hand side (also not pictured) and then find yourself

On the right-hand side of your profile, scroll down to "service provider's special days"

Click "customize special days"

Find the specific day you want to modify

Select the time frames you want to open up

If you want to add a meeting outside of the exhibit hours, follow the previous steps and then add the meeting to your calendar by double clicking the day ( know dinner meetings and stuff)

Fill in the meeting details including client (the university contact)

And service provider...yourself

5. How to Cancel

Find the meeting on your calendar, double click it to open it up

At the bottom, hit cancel and it will send an email to you and the contact. You can also modify the time by clicking "edit"

6. How to change your personal description for the homepage

Under the manage tab, find providers and then select yourself

Scroll to the right and modify your service provider description and click "Save & Close"

7. How will I know when I am booked?

Both you and your contact will receive a confirmation email

You can drag the email and create a new Zvite if you would like to duplicate the meeting on your Zimbra calendar

If in the meeting confirmation email, they request that another ISAer joins, then it is your responsibility to go into their calendar and block off that time.

8. How can I see my colleagues calendars?

We can see everyone's calendars on the main page. You can filter to only display your own.

You can also view by timeline, day, week or month

A few helpful tips....

  • You and the contact will receive a booking confirmation email with all the important details (who, what, where, when, with whom, etc.)
  • Twenty minutes before the meeting, you will receive a text notification. Your contact will receive a notification 30 minutes before the meeting time.
  • If the contact has cancelled or moved the time of the meeting, you will receive an email confirmation.
  • If you would like to cancel or modify the meeting, your contact will receive an email confirmation.
  • Decide what times you would actually like to take meetings. For instance, do you reallllllly want to be available for the 7am meeting on Friday morning? If not, de-select those time slots)
  • Are you afraid of how many Russian universities will try to book a meeting with you? Don't worry. They are requesting a meeting so when the booking confirmation comes into your email simply click the cancel button and reply to the booker with a polite message for why you are declining the meeting.
  • What happens if you get booked back to back? Keep an eye on your bookings and perhaps add some buffer room in between long meetings (HINT: add it as a meeting with no client)
  • Already packing your bag with granola bars in preparation for lunch? Go ahead and block off at least 30 minutes each day to run and get food.

All your questions answered? Great!

If not, feel free to call me (Caroline) at x253 or email me a screenshot of your dilemma at

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