Cleared For Takeoff? Expanding Liberty University school of aeronautics increases safety

Flight training starts with the basics; including takeoffs, landings, emergency procedures, and safety.

Pilots are trained over a span of two to three years. They earn licenses and ratings from the Private Pilot License to Instrument and Commercial ratings.

From there, the pilots train in multi-engine aircraft to learn how to fly aircraft with more than one engine.

Once the pilots acquire their multi-engine ratings, they can legally fly for airlines in the United States.

Which allows pilots to achieve their goal in the end. However, sometimes safety can get overlooked during the long process of flight training

Pilots need to understand safety in order to be able to bring passengers safely to their destinations in adverse weather conditions. There are several instances for weather, but the most important instances are flying through thunderstorms, crosswind landings, and flight operations through blizzards.
See this? This is Asiana Airlines Flight 214. In July 2013, Flight 214 crash landed in San Francisco, and during the investigation, the findings came out that pilot error contributed to the crash. Pilot error contributes to 80 percent of aviation accidents.
Without safety, people's lives would be in danger; which is why the Liberty University School of Aeronautics should expand. A lot of flight schools do not have the same method of training as Liberty University does. Having thousands of safe pilots is important, so why not expand the Liberty University School of Aeronautics.


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