skills needed to be a dance teacher

I have been thinking of a dancing career some of the skills needed to become a dace teacher are: being able to dance and experience in dance, good communication skills, able to be responsible of younger children

Day to Day routine

dance teachers hours may change due to how many dance class/private lessons you will do a week. the more qualified you are the more you can do with your days. you may also take part in tv shows or dance in a group such as CountryVive


An only qualified dance teacher will earn up to £22,300 but this may change due to how many hours you put into dance. years of experience as a dance teacher you will earn up to £33,000 but again this may change due to how many class/work you put into it.

what a dancing career can lead to

Dancing can lead to you becoming very well known all over the world and maybe even lead to performing on TV and with CountryVive all over the world. its can also lead to you having a degree in teaching and you own business

By Maeve O'Hanlon

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