paraGREAT Abby zenger

Palm trees? Colorful buildings? Bright lights? A wonderful host sister? This is going to be good.

Paraguayans love their sweets, and I was never complaining about that. They have a fourth meal between lunch and dinner called merienda, my personal favorite. My normal "snack" was something covered in Dulce de Leche. Each morning I had hot chocolate or cocido with my breakfast. They also have many traditional foods such as chipa. Dinner consists of various smoked meats.

I saw old friends, met new friends, and everything in between. Everyone seemed to want pictures with us, especially after presentations; it was like twenty minutes of fame. School was a blast, and I arguably had the funniest, craziest classmates.

Wow what a wonderful excursion to Argentina! These waterfalls were definitely worth the four hour van ride (although even that wasn't even bad with our awesome driver Carlos and the many riddles). There were so many different languages being spoken; I loved it.

Las Ruinas, now a tourist attraction, were built by Jesuit Catholics in the 1600's.

Meeting these amazing children really opened my eyes. They were so happy despite their conditions. I hope someday I can work with children in foreign countries; they're so cute.

This trip was honestly life changing. I found many passions of mine: travel, Spanish, and working with children. I hope everyone can someday experience life outside of the United States. Viewing the world through the eyes of someone else is the best way to better understand those who are different from us. All the constantly smiling children taught me to make the best out of every situation. As Hannah Montana said, "life's what you make it so let's make it rock!"

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