"Shitty Experiences and Process" Kylee Keenan

My experience for writing longer essays mimics her writing process exactly. I often begin with a blank page in front of me while commonly encountering a sensation of panic and stress. My biggest issue when writing is the beginning process. I admire that she confronts her weaknesses and admits them to her readers. This allows me to feel at least a small bit of comfort. If someone whose job is to write struggles with the development of her work, then it is acceptable for a student like myself to experience the same feelings she does.

Often before I submit my papers, I am first relieved that the task is completed, but then I become anxious. I usually become nervous due to thoughts racing through my mind like is this what my professor wants, is this the kind of material he or she was asking for, did I fulfill all the necessary requirements? I also would like to add that I am the epitome of a “type A” personality. I strive to make everything perfect, I stress too much about grades, and I worry about almost everything. I always want to give my best in everything I do, so thoughts like these occur on a regular basis.

(yes, this is me in second grade . . . like I said, the epitome of a type A personality)

I will admit that I often do not write drafts in the way Lamott does in creating three different drafts. I do, however, often write down all the thoughts that come to my head as fast as I can (after the short period of worry). I then go back through my paper and take out or add any information that I think would be key to the text. Finally, I re-read through the entire document to ensure that things flow and make sense, as well as checking for grammar mistakes. So, I do follow a similar format to Lamott’s process, but I definitely feel that I do not go into the amount of detail and analysis as she does. If time were not an issue whatsoever, I confess that my writing process would be much more thorough and I would take longer amounts of time to think about what I would like to convey to my audience. On the other hand, college is college. Our time is limited, and I aim to give my best effort with the amount that I am given.


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