The Business of elite Minor Hockey in P.E.I,Canada Presentation by Ethan Malcom '17

My Main question

Me pictured bottom right (goalie) after winning P.E.I Bantam AAA Championship

Why this project?

Getting Information Through Interviews

Interview #1

Rob NEWSON(execUtive director of HOCKEY P.E.I)

Questions & answers

1. What is a rep fee and what does it cover?

2. Where does the fees that Hockey P.E.I collect go?

3. Does Hockey P.E.I hold any fundraisers?

Riley Gallant who is my friend and the son of Mike Gallant

Interview #2

Mike Gallant (Owner of Kensington Wild)

Questions & Answers

1. How much does it cost you to run the team and how much does it cost to play?

2. What happens if a child can't afford to play on your team?

3. Do you participate in any fundraisers that allow you to give back to those in Your community?

Step 1: Getting Started

Price of gear

Spandex under gear = $140

Shin Pads = $95

Shoulder Pads = $115

Hockey Pants = $115

Hockey Gloves = $140

Elbow Pads = $95

Hockey Bag = $80

Hockey Helmet with Cage = $170

Jersey = $20

Socks = $15

Cup = $25

Neck Guard = $15

Hockey Stick = $150

Skates = $300

Mouth Guard = $15

Total = $1,490 CDN or $1,131 US

Step 2: Costs Of registering for minor hockey

Rural Association Registration = $500

Municipality Association Registration = $350

Rep Fees = $750

Total = $1,250/ $1,100 CDN or $949/$825 US

City of Charlottetown


Step 3: Costs of playing for a minor hockey team

Team fees = $3,300

Hotel for parents at Monctonian tournament x 3 days = $300

Hotel for parents at Ice Jam tournament x 3 days = $300

Confederation Bridge fee for parents traveling to hotel for Tournaments = $93

Gas money from Charlottetown to Kensington $60 a week x 28 weeks = $1,680

Gas to Moncton for tournament round trip = $45

Gas to Halifax for tournament round trip = $65

Meals for parents per day $50 x 3 = $150

Tryouts $10 x 5 sessions = $50

Total = $5,983 CDN or $ 4,534 US

Total Cost Vs Average annual income in P.E.I

Average Family = 2 adults and 2 children

Average annual income in P.E.I for 2 adults (based on 2012 censuS of Stats Canada) = $61,100 CDN or $46,293 US

Cost for 1 child = $9,073 CDN or $6,885 US or 15% of annual income

Cost for 2 children = $15,513 CDN or $11,773 US or 25% of annual income

Using the information to Make a difference and develop An action plan

What is KidSport?

My Goal

Roadblocks with raising money

-Donation Boxes

-Creating a social media presence

People who have helped me overcome my struggles with raising money

Gemma Koughan (Executive Director of KidSport P.E.I)

Helper #2

Mrs. Walker (Business of Sport instructor)

Helper #3

Janice Malcom (My Mom)

Making a difference within my community

Total amount raised for KidSport


Thank you for listening and providing me with this opportunity.

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