Welcome to Portrait your Pet

Congratulations, you and your Pet are about to join the distinguished royal family of Portrait Your Pet. Below you will find some helpful information to start your new artwork.

Lord Gary of House Gaunce

Let's get started!

Now about those pet photos...

Your smartphone has the perfect camera, so it is all about the setup.

What is the setup? The set up is just taking good shoulder level pictures of your pet with even lighting is best but not required. Don't forget just to have fun it is for you and your pet, it isn't homework.

  • Phone in hand
  • Even light works the best. Try shooting indoors with the lights on, outside midday is perfect too. But please no spotlight right on them and avoid backlit shots, like if your pet is sitting in front of a bright window.
  • No blurry images. You want the likeness of your pet to come through, make sure there is the detail for me to use as a source. Don't forget to keep those ears in the shot.
  • Get that shoulder level shot, like in school pictures. Having the pet sitting is best but like Shakes (our model) below laying down while you lower your camera works too.
  • The better photo, the better reference to create your pet's likeness. A better reference leads to the best Portrait Your Pet. Don't worry, your photos don't have to be perfect.
Lady Lilly from the House of Horne

Let us look at a good photo of our pal Shakes.

Notice the even lighting on Shakes?

Looking good Shakes!

Thank You, Shakes.

Now you have your 3 to 4 photos of your pet, you will need to email them to PortraitYourPet@icloud.com.

Include the name and gender of your pet, and any other details you wish to share. Having a story behind your pet help me feel out who they are and what outfit fits best.

What next?

You will receive 3 "Sketches" of your pet in 3 different outfits, this is when I need your feedback. Once I get your feedback I will start on more detail and labored work for you to review before making the final canvas work.

Sketches & Expectations

What you see is NOT what you get. The Sketches are mockups only, just to give you and me an idea of your pet's outfits. You choose 1, 2 or 3, and I do the rest. See below for samples.


"Keep in mind color and shape will change, this is for outfit choice only."

Please choose one of the 3 sketches above. Once you know which one you want email me below and just say 1,2 or 3. Number 2 is my favorite.
The Three Musketeers

After Sketch feedback.

I start the work.

Using your feedback I create and make your artwork for Portrait Your Pet. Once I am happy with your pet's portrait I send it back to you for your more feedback on the final review. I use any feedback you give me and send back the image one more time for confirmation before getting your new artwork printed on canvas.

Final Image ready for print.

Take note how color, shape and the overall final artwork is completed to a higher degree of complexity, compared to the sketches. The shadows and the overall lighting of you pet integrate with the outfit. It feels like a real painting. It looks correct. This is what makes Portrait Your Pet the prime pet portraiture.

The Final Artwork on 11"x14" Canvas.

Once you okay your work I get it ready to print. It will take about a week before it ships. I will send you tracking information once your new artwork has been shipped.

With Portrait Your Pet your canvas it of the up most top quality and is UV protected at no added cost.


Premium artist-grade canvas.

Custom-developed, pigment based inks create vibrant reproductions so your new pet portrait will resist fading and scratches.

Sturdy, solid facing canvas front prevents stretching and sagging.

Perfect corners – every time! The patented manufacturing process allows to create corners free from unsightly bulges or excess material.

Every canvas comes with a fully finished black backing, with pre-installed hanging hardware.

Ready to hang right out of the box.

11"x14" is the standard size, but if you wish to have a larger canvas, I can do that.

Upgrade sizes are as follows.

16"x20" $29

20"x24" $52

24"x36" $85

32"x48” $149

No added shipping costs, what you see is what pay.

Lady Ruby_of House Hagedorn

A portion of the proceeds help Animal Shelter.


Whats Next?

Once your Portrait Your Pet artwork is done it is easy to take your love to the next level. All the hard work is finished now treat your friends and family member with your Lord and Her Grace. Cell phone cases, Bags, Shirt, and Pillow Cases.

Request by email only.
Prince Ori of Tumba Tumba
Created By
Jordan Gaunce

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