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Left side, meet Ethel Mother of the People. Right side is Sir Otis of house Stagner.
If you have a smartphone you have the perfect camera.
Lady Lilly from the House of Horne

How it works;

It all starts with you and your one of a kind pet.

If you have a smartphone you have the perfect camera to take a great picture for your new custom Pet Portraits giclée canvas.

What I need from you are some photos of your furry friend. The better the picture the better the reference become for me to create your pets likeness. What you need from me; once I have photo I will contact you so we can collaborate to get your pet in the right setting.

Here are some tips when choosing or taking the best picture for your new pet portrait. Remember this is a collaborative artwork, so have fun.


  1. No blurry images, you want the likeness of your pet to come through so make sure there is detail for me to use as a source . I can work without it but you will not see your pets traits if you don't capture them.
  2. Don't force your pet let them be them and snap that shot. Take a few and get their ear in the shot too.
  3. We are really aiming for the traditional portrait ( you know like we have seen from school picture day). So lick your palm and calm down the cowlick. I think the best shot is when your pet think sitting up or standing up, rather than laying down.
  4. Bright lighting works the best (outside or bright rooms, but not spotlight right on them). Try to avoid back light shot, like if you pet is sitting in front of a bright window. That will just wash out all the good stuff.

Samples of good shots:

These are good examples of taking you photo of you pet.
Andy DeVries was one of my first clients. Thank you, Andy. He wanted to get a great gift for his lady, her fur baby. Looking happy buddy.
Prince Ori of Tumba Tumba
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Jordan Gaunce


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