Video Games

(Description) Video games are electronic games that can be played from multiple different devices. There are difference types of video games to, such as; first person shooters, roll playing games, online, multiplayer, and many more. For example in a first person shooter you will be playing in first person shooting the target. The target could be anything anywhere from an animal, to a robot, to a human that is the enemy. roll playing games are a lot of the time open world and you can roam around anywhere you want. Online and multiplayer games are video games were you are playing with other people around the world for instance my favorite Counter Strike : Global Offensive. It is a mix between strategy, fps (first person shooter), and online. In this game there are difference game modes that are, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, Casual, and Competitive.

This is a controller for the ps3

(Problem Solution) Kids are often on video games longer than they should be and it is a major problem. There a variety of different ways that you can prevent this. You can enable parental controls through the control panel or settings on a computer/console which will make it so you have to type in a password to use the electronic device. If on a computer you can access the command prompt and type in a code that makes it so the computer can not be accessed at a certain times without a password. Also you could download a program someone has made that is easier to use that could do all of these solutions plus more.

This is the logo for parental controls

(Sequence) In a game called Terraria you can do many different things. Here is a short summary of the game how I played it. I start out with practically nothing, I chop down trees to get wood to build a little shack so I am safe at night, I go out mining in the day to gather better tools, armor, and better items. You have to defeat bosses in easy mode and get npcs to move in to your house so you can buy items from them that help you defeat the boss that gets you into hardmode, the wall of flesh. So you get all the weapons, armor and hearts you need and fight the wall of flesh. Then you get into hardmode so there are harder monsters to kill and better resources and bosses to get better items. After you have the best of the best items, you go into expert mode which you defeat the four elemental pillars of star dust, solar, vortex, and nebula. After that you defeat the most difficult and final boss, the moon lord.

This is a picture that represents the game Terraria

(Cause and Effect) There are people who play video games for insane amounts of time, and as a result you can probably guess that it cause long-term vision problems and effects on your brain. when you play video games you need to look at the screen non stop which can cause harm to your body. The effects of playing a lot of video games is, having headaches, blurred vision, and even nearsightedness if frequent breaks are not taken to relax your eyes.

This is a man getting a headache from looking at a screen to long

(Compare and Contrast) This is a question asked so much and been asked for a long time. Should you use a computer or a console to play video games? Their are benefits for both, cons for both, and are mostly opinions. On a computer, you can customize how cool, how good of performance, and overall just how you like to play your games. You also have access to mods which just make it so you can modify the game if you would rather play with more details. You generally use a keyboard and mouse to play on a computer but some people do use a controller for some reason. Computers are usually quite a bit more expensive than a console even to get the same performance because its custom and custom always costs more. Some people like to just sit back kick their feet up on the couch and play with a controller in there living room though. For console players you get to play with a controller, an operating system that is made primarily for gaming unlike computers where you can do an endless number of things on the same operating system (generally Windows or Mac OX). So if you are just looking for playing games, like controllers, want to save some money, and want it to be more basic then you should probably go with a console rather than a computer. There are consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Switch, and previous generation consoles to.

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