Freedom Writers By: Norma Lozano

A bit of inspiration can make a difference

  • The Freedom Writers Foundation focuses on four main programs that improve the education of students around the globe which are cirriculum, scholars, teachers, and outreach.
  • This foundation trains educators to teach every student, develop interesting and substantive cirricula award high school graduates, and bring hope by sharing their stories of overcoming adversity through education.
  • Freedom writers journey began in 1994 when Erin Gruwell taught English to 150 at risk students in Long Beach California.
  • With Gruwell's engaging teaching techniques, 100% of her students, affectionately known as the freedom writers, graduated from high school.

Creating a culture of colorful voices

  • Many of the students who entered Erin Gruwell's freshman English class weren't thinking about how they could make it to graduation, but how they could make it to sixteen years old.
  • Racial and gang tension had peaked and a record of 126 murders had occurred in Long Beach that year
  • With the external stresses of a divided city, the students of room 203 were not concerned with education system that already failed them on multiple occasions.

My topic The Freedom Writers is contributed to the Civil Rights because these students were kids that no one really had expectations for. They thought these kids were never gonna make it through high school and graduation. Their English teacher was the only one who believed in them and knew that these students weren't alone. She began to teach them in a way that connected to their lives, that she knew the students would actually have interest in. She began The Freedom Writers Foundation, which is about kids telling their lives in a diary. This diary lets other people read about their lives and what they go through for living everyday.

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