Women's March Salem 2019 Photos of an inspiring display of citizen activism

Another January, another great Women's March here in Salem, Oregon -- following in the footsteps of the kick-off 2017 Women's March and 2018 Womxn's March. (Click on the links to view my photo essays of those events).

Here's photos I took today, Saturday, January 19, of the Women's March Salem 2019 on the Capitol Mall. I neglected to notice a smudge in the upper left corner of my camera's lens until I transferred the photos to my computer. Consider this an artistic soft focus, if you like. Or, a smudge, if you're into reality.

I've added a bit of commentary to the photos.

So many creative sign messages.
Some Christian fundamentalists are in the background with hate-filled messages.
Here's a closeup of the Christian fundamentalist hate signs. Pleasingly, I'm guilty of all of the "sins" in the sign on the left: I accept abortion, multiple religions, marijuana, porn, alcohol, and same sex relationships. Also, how could these guys be against fornicators? Do they think they're the product of a virgin birth? Me, I'm fine with hell fire, since I'm a proud evolutionist.
I thought this was a wonderful message-filled sign.
And it had a reverse side!
We can only hope.
But she doesn't look witch-like at all.
Cyndi Lauper would totally agree.
Progress is being made, though. Got to believe.
Trump can't stop us from thinking, thankfully. Even though he rarely does it himself.
A three-sign woman! That's commitment.
Vernon wasn't big on the Women's March, I was told, so this message was for him.
Men were a part of the Women's March, pleasingly.
Caesar, the No Drama Llama, is a hit wherever he pops up.
I didn't know who Lord Farquaad was, and even after being told, now I can't remember.
Some old-time citizen activists, still at it.
Nice to see a small version of the famous London balloon.
We can only hope.
Laurel Hines, my wife.
Wow. Matching Women's March 2019 sweatshirts. Excellent!
Simple blunt statement.
Got to start 'em young with girl power.
Or... let's not re-elect him in 2020.
Native American images, complete with feathers. And a peeking pink pussy hat.
Kathy Bobbio, a neighbor of ours, showing the spine that the Senate majority leader lacks.
Some visions in red.
Nice to see Progressive Salem had a booth, along with quite a few other groups.
Stronger together. Nice sentiment.
Yikes! Not literally, I hope. I survived taking a photo, uneaten.
Vanessa Nordyke did a good job MC'ing.
Shelaswau Crier gave a rousing talk.
Maria Reyes Patino spoke eloquently also.
Patino's talk was well recorded.
This sign summarized some of what Patino said,
Martin Luther King got it right: "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
Trump is a success at one thing: generating resistance to him.
In contrast to the hateful fundamentalists who crashed the Women's March party, the First Congregational Church banner had wonderfully positive spiritual sentiments.
Avocados are a thing, I gather. Here's a new use for them.
But not so introverted as to not bring a sign.
Fear only works on a small share of the population for Trump. Not on the rest of us.
True, so true.
Passers-by on Court Street were greeted by a friendly rainbow creature.
And by a Planned Parenthood supporter.
City councilors Cara Kaser and Tom Andersen having a good time at the Women's March.
The sign language interpreter did a great job.
I liked the pseudo-biblical reference to Fallopians 2:16.
It didn't rain a drop today. But someone was well prepared.
Game of Thrones fan, I assume.
Another photo of Caesar the No Drama Llama.
Excellent idea! Jail time might have to wait until his presidency is over, though.
Her sign read, "The Future is Girls," I recall. My 11 year old granddaughter certainly would agree.
The march begins, after the talks ended.
It was great that the police allowed marching in the street, not just on sidewalks.
Downtown Salem was treated to a long line of enthusiastic marchers.
I wish these signs could be put in the Oval Office.
Passing the Grand Theater.
The Salem Police Department did a great job managing the march.
Angry women had the right of way during the march. Also, non-angry women.
Um, took me a while to get this, but... "made in a vagina"? Or "Gina" is her mother? Subtle sign.
Almost back to the Capitol Mall. Great ending to a great Women's March.
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