Andrew Carnegie captain of industrty

Skibo Castle,Dornoch Firth, Scotland

Andrew Carnegie purchased the castle in 1897, with the renovation cost of $10,000,000. This picture in contrasts with the small cottage in Scotland that he grew up in with a annual rent of $20. He was a captain of industry because he was a self made man who worked hard on being successful, so he could purchase his castle and contribute to many institutions.

As you can see from this bar graph, Andrew Carnegie lowered the price of steel by almost half between 1875 to 1888.
Andrew Carnegie took over industries in the same supply chain to control production prices. Carnegie Steel, who was under Carnegie, bought out coal, iron mines, railroads and steel works. His main goal for doing so is to gain complete control over the raw materials and transportation systems.
This map shows all of Carnegie's properties that he bought out using vertical integration.
This is a picture of the Carnegie steel company logo.
Carnegie Hall is named after Andrew Carnegie, who donated his money to fund the construction of this building, its is located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. Today, its known as one of the most famous venues for both classical and pop music. Carnegie Hall wasn't his only donation, he dedicated his life after retiring, to become a philanthropist, a person who gives money to good causes.
Bill Gates, Today's Captain of Industry
Bill Gates started from the very bottom, at humble beginnings. With his hard work and ambition for computers, he eventually became the most successful and richest man in the world.
Bill Gates is known for donating millions of dollars to many charities. Bill and his wife started the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. They work with partners to help improve peoples health in poor country's and gives them a chance to lift them selves up from poverty and hunger. So far hes given away $28 million dollars to their charity and $8 million to improve global health.
He is the founder of the largest software company , Microsoft.


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