UtahPresents Fundraising 20-21 Climb ev'ry mountain!


Paying artists.

Every day another show is cancelled and another artist doesn’t get paid. Meanwhile, millions are turning to free art online. We need artists to push boundaries, imagine brighter futures, and help us heal.

Going virtual.

Virtual performance is a short term solution and a long term necessity. In collaboration with the College of Fine Arts, we are fundraising for camera equipment and training to be able to film and stream live performances in Kingsbury Hall, Libby Gardner Concert Hall, and the Babcock Theatre. We are also commissioning new virtual work from artists for the 20-21 season.

Still here.

The uprisings for racial justice and their ripple effect are causing the arts to grapple with who and what is performed on Utah's stages. Ensuring representation, access, and equity for our rapidly changing county is more relevant now than ever. UtahPresents is not there yet but our work on this front speaks for itself, and we will continue to do more and better.


Behind the scenes:

  • Writing extra grants: 8 grants and reports will be submitted in September alone
  • Hosting a fundraiser: OFF SEASON with LAJAMARTIN raised $5425 from 260 attendees, 900+ views on the YouTube link
  • Making asks: Asking levelUP donors and sponsors from last year to renew and give additional support
  • Collaborating with the CFA: Our "Going Virtual" campaign will bring multiple units into this 2020 virtual reality together
  • Staying connected: Virtual Flight e-mail kept donors and subscribers for the org engaged during a Mar-Aug quiet spell
  • Updating systems: Transferring giving data from spreadsheets into new ticketing software will help offer better customer service and streamline event flow

Give, Attend, Invite $65,000 | 100%

  • Give to support artists
  • Attend virtual events
  • Invite friends to join
  • Now: stock donations, pledges, monthly gifts
  • February 2021: U Giving Day
  • April 2021: Board Sponsorship

Dancing Earth spent three years building their show BTW:US

  • 1027 hours in rehearsals and residencies
  • 3 weekends of story retreats, cultural gatherings, and meeting with mentors
  • 251 hours constructing costumes from recycled materials, collecting soundscapes and video
  • 8 preview showings in different states