pay artists sponsor UtahPresents new season

We pay artists.

Every day another show is cancelled and another artist doesn’t get paid. Meanwhile, millions are turning to free art online.

Launching a new season at this time is a gamble. It's a gamble we are willing to take, because the vibrancy of our community depends on it.

We need artists to push boundaries, imagine brighter futures, and help us heal.

It's taken Indigenous dance company Dancing Earth three years to build their show "From Underground to Skyworld".

  • Three weekends worth of story retreats, cultural gatherings, and meeting with cultural mentors
  • 251 hours constructing costumes from recycled materials, collecting soundscapes and video
  • 8 preview showings in different states
  • 1027 hours in rehearsals and residencies

No matter how we have to adapt – going virtual, reduced audiences, reschedules – we will pay our artists.

Join us by giving towards artist fees.

Goal: $153,000