Erosion BY:Larry Reed

Claim: As humans being we like to try to make the impossible possible but unfortunately we like to destroy thing causing nature to retaliate causing for instance Oceans to take away home on sandy beaches or cliffs.


As Seen we build in places that are pleasable but nature takes its course eventually taking what we built aaway.
As shown here the cliff is experiencing erosion as well.

Why A negative impact? The things we are trying to do a build in area that we now is weak to water, earthquakes and many more things, negatively effect us because it is cost effective, it takes away time, and the beauty of a natural habitat.

Solution: since humans really can't stop erosion one way to prepare for erosion is to build with material that doesn't erode away as fast. Another way to embrace erosion is to build in areas where it is not as close to water or in areas erosion isn't seen as much, We could also reduce water flow in areas.

This is rubble which can be used to help emobilize erosion when building new buildings.
This here is a lake house which is most likely built with the right material but in a bad location because overtime they might have to replace the wood they use to uphold the house.
As seen here this is an example of a blockade of water making living possible on the other side because it is cutting off water flow.


Created with images by - "Beach Erosion at the Outer Banks of North Carolina (28)" • Sustainable sanitation - "Broken water and sewer pipe by elephants in Kariba." • DeanWmTaylor - "BLF-236" • Peter Kaminski - "Rubble" • sashanabs - "House on a lake" • Slipshod Photog - "Hoover Dam and Bridge"

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