Milton Hershey By Madden James Troutner

This is Hershey Pennsylvania.

Where Hershey is in the United States.

Where Hershey is in the world.

How did Hershey go from a small shop to a huge industry? You will find out in this presentation.

Early Life

School he was not a very good student though he had already been several times when he was nine.1870 Milton stopped school.He was 12 but could write and read as good as any 4th grader. his mom was fine with that.



He bought a few sugar cane farms in Cuba and built his own town there to and called it Hershey. he gave 15 million dollars to his school he built the school used the money for a huge medical center called, The Penn State Hershey Medical Center. he let orphans boys from towns go to the school. Orphan is someone who doesn't have a home.

This is what Herhey used to make Caramels.

Crystal A Caramel company blew up with money.Then he borrowed money from a bank to start a Caramel factory.A guy from England visiting New York tasted Hershey's caramel and fell in love. He ordered a ton of caramels to England. Hershey instantly made his money back and payed of the bank. For the first time in his life Milton Hershey was a success. He opened a hotel in his depression.


Hershey park in the 1970s

Hershey park NOW!!!


They didn't have much money.His sister died of scarlet fever in 1867- His Mom wanted to get divorced but her religion wouldn't allow it.Religion is a race of what you or your family has done or the world has done and has done it for years.They didn't get divorced but split up.He got sick during his job.He was in bed for a month.Hershey turned his back on Philadelphia and headed home after that.1886 Milton had to close down.His father Henry was partially to blame.His father arrived in New York and wanted his son to make cough drops.Cough drop machines were really expensive and costed Milton his job.He wasn't ready to give up the candy dream yet though. He also learned how to place his shops. His factory was next to a cow farm where he could get milk. His factory was also next to a power generator for his machines. A power generator is connected to a power plant where it stores a ton of power.Next to a railroad where he could get sugar and flower.Milton Hershey Mixed his own batter instead of machines.He re named it Crystal A Caramel in lancaster.

Hershey owns Resse's Peanutbutter Cups,Ice Breakers, Twizzlers and Hersheys.

Thank you

Milton Hershey


This award goes to someone who has organized operated a business, taking on greater than normal financial risks.

<Read in a strong clear enthusiasm voice.>[[THIS AWARD GOES TO MILTON HERSHEY]]

[[KEEP GOING WITH THE SAME VOICE]] Milton Hershey deserves this award for making many of his own businesses and never giving. Even with all his businesses his shops all closed down but he never gave up.He kept going for money for his shops even though his father kept ruining them.Hershey took on a big financial task by borrowing money from the bank for his machines and it payed off.Hershey made tons of money off that.Thats when started to get the Hershey factory running.He organized a huge factory with hundreds of people in it and it's still going on.


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