Humanities-H4 By kyalla

Step 1

Step 2

How would you invest?

Cash- 20%

Fixed Intrest 15%

Shares 15%

Property 50%

You wouldn't put all your money in one spot because if something goes wrong; the property value goes down, the company you put your shares in crashes or you can't pay back your intrest, then you lose money and become indebt.

Task 3

Banking and Investments

1. People use banks for security, convenience and savings & investing.

2. Banks lend money to customers because not only do customers have to pay back they money they borrowed, they also have to pay a very high intrest.

3. Interest in credit cards and savings accounts and the difference.

4. Why if credit charge high intrest do people use them? They use credit cards because you have easy access to their money and some give them bonus and reward points.

Extension task

I would put my $1 million dollars into CBA out of the 4 main banks, but ING had the highest intrest rate. I would put my money into a fixed intrest.

Task 4

Supply and demand graph

Task 5


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