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What do colours mean?

When we continually wear the same colour over a period of time it is because it is linked to our personality. The colour can be linked to strengths and weaknesses, as well as indicating our potential.

Colours you wear…

Our colour preferences, which we often keep for a life time are known as “soul colours." They indicate our personalities and indicate our inner qualities.

Think about the colours you wear most often and think about what they say about you. The analysis in this booklet are based on various psychological tests including the Max Luscher Colour Test. This test was developed for use by psychiatrists, psychologists and physicians to provide them with accurate information about a person through his or her choice of colour.

If you wear red...

You are impulsive, excitable, and energetic. You are ambitious and like things to happen quickly. You like to be the best and can be a bit insensitive to the feelings of other people. You need to be the centre of everything.

Red shows vital force, and you have nervous activity urging you to achieve results and be successful. If you make a habit of wearing red it may indicate that you have a high sexual energy. This energy can be best used in the form of creative endeavour, leadership, and development. You are courageous and extroverted, but tend to become irritable and bad tempered if you do not get your own way.

Learn patience. Maroon and brick reds show you are fun-loving, but be careful not to become resentful and feel victimised by others.

If you wear pink...

You have an affectionate, loving nature, which makes you sympathetic and understanding. You may lack willpower and be weak and find it hard to control feelings of the heart. You ask for lots of support from others and you can be childish in your behaviour. You must learn to accept and love yourself. If you become more self-reliant you will attract and give out the feelings of warmth and love you desire.

If you wear orange, peach, or apricot...

You are competent, action-oriented, and impatient. You are also independent, an organiser, and self-motivated. Orange is the colour of practicality and creativity. You have high energy levels and you can be restless.

You have a forceful will and you are competitive. You are also excitable and dominant. Bright orange and burnt orange can make you feel frustrated or blocked. Try wearing peach, which will direct your energy to others in a more caring way.

If you wear light blue...

You are creative, perceptive, and sensitive. You have a good imagination and practical approach to life. Your approach can be analytical and you are best advised to use your knowledge for problem solving. You like to do things in your own time and not be rushed. You need a secure and peaceful environment.

If you wear dark blue...

You are intelligent, self-reliant, and have a great depth of feeling. You feel a responsibility for others and enjoy decision-making. You need tranquillity around you and must be surrounded with tenderness, love and affection. Noisy people disturb you. You may suffer from mental stress owing to lack of play and relaxation. Try wearing some blue-greens or greens to help your self-expression and improve your health.

If you wear violet...

You have a sensitive and compassionate nature which makes it easy for people to impose on you and take advantage. To be happy, work where you feel needed and can do good. Try wearing lilac or magenta, a colour with more red in it. This will boost your self-confidence and protect you.

If you wear purple...

You are very intuitive and have deep feelings and high aspirations. You are interested in the best that life can offer whether it is friends or food. You do not suffer fools gladly. Watch that you do not become arrogant - try to make more time for listening. Orchid, violet, or grape can make you feel imposed upon by others 'belief' systems, rules, and regulations. Be sensitive to your personal and spiritual needs. Yoga and meditation can help you to release blocks and relax.

If you wear white...

White contains all the other colours in the spectrum, showing that you have a positive, well-balanced, and optimistic personality. You are highly individual, a loner, and might even be lonely. You seek a simplified lifestyle free from outside pressures. You have chosen a simple and pure colour, but one that reaches out for recognition. You are probably going through a transition period with new ideas that have not yet taken form. Be open-minded and communicate, for with white all things are possible.

If you wear grey...

You are very much an individual. Many people may get the impression you are self-sufficient as you have excellent self-control and prefer to remain uninvolved. Those who wear grey have a tendency to isolate themselves, which can lead to loneliness.

You may be passive because you feel stressed and overburdened.

You need rest, relaxation, and freedom from daily stress. You should take short breaks and maybe wear ocean blue or green. People who wear grey are often those who make judgements and may be good critics. Those who lack judgement and struggle to form opinions should wear grey.

If you wear brown...

Brown clothing suggests an honest, down-to-earth person who likes a structured, supportive lifestyle. A lover of the best things life has to offer, you are a sensuous type. You enjoy good food and drink and you appreciate good company. Brown is the colour of Mother Earth. It is a protective colour, but you may find that you bottle up emotions or a secret that makes you retreat into your shell and fear the outside world. There is a desire to be emotionally secure and be accepted. You need to understand your self-worth and ward off narrow-mindedness.

If you wear black...

You are strong willed, opinionated, and disciplined. You may be too inflexible and too independent. Watch out that these are not defence tactics. You may really lack confidence in yourself and your own ability to handle life efficiently.

You may be immature and black is a way of masking this. Black represents renunciation - the ultimate surrender or relinquishment - and those who choose to wear black constantly want to renounce everything out of a stubborn protest. Black worn on certain occasion’s shows you have control of yourself in order to communicate an authoritative image.

Understanding yourself with Colour

If we find we have an aversion to a certain colour it might be that a negative experience might have taken place involving that colour. A love of a colour might mean that that colour is connected to a positive event in your life.

When we have an aversion to a colour it can indicate an imbalance in that particular area of the body.

The awareness of what we like and what we hate can tell us a great deal about ourselves. If we study what we love and hate we can help ourselves and progress in our lives and potentially evolve parts of our character.

Colour can transform our lives and either make or break us. Colours that we find we have around us all the time can change our personalities in time.

Thank you for reading

I love working with colours and I consciously tune in to assess what I am drawn too. I did a course on 'develop your intuition' where we learnt the power of colour. I lived in New Zealand at the time and everyone wore black. So it was our ambition to avoid it at all costs!

What is an interesting exercise to do is notice what you are feeling when you lean in for clothes. I often wear soft pinks when I am tapping into my feminine side, or white when I am having a "spiritual awakening". Black is my safety colour - that is, when I feel I need some respite energetically.

This kind of works with essential oils and crystals too. What oils speak to your soul, or which crystals jump out of the bowl?

Stay tuned with updates on my newsletter and blogs; I love talking and writing about this stuff.

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