Research Notes By jose Gomez

My research is on Nigeria: Geography and agriculture website, The URL to the website is . The domain tells that it is a organization. The URL to the website is made by professionals. The website talks about the geography and agriculture in Nigeria.

The website Is sponsored by a non-profit organization known as SOS children. The information that I know about the sponsor is that it is a charity that cares for orphaned or adapted children in 45 countries.

The purpose of the website is that it tells you the agriculture and geography of Nigeria. The audience that the website targets is people who want to know the geography and/or climate of Nigeria. The presents information that is out of date or up to date.

"Our Africa" are the founders of the webpage. Looking through the website, I can see no credentials as I went through the site. The website is not considered a authority site because, I see no privileges on the website list.

The page does provide links that work and takes you to the page linked. The links on my knowledge are authoritative, the sites I went to say they have some privileges. The links are objective because, they do not express one's opinion, they claim multiple opinions.


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