Medieval Torture Devices By: Soraya Davis


The thief had to do extra work, pay a fine or sometimes got their hands cut off.

Ordeal by fire

The person had to pick up a red hot iron bar and walk with it for 3 or 4 paces, then in a few days if the wounds were starting to heal they were innocent if not then they were guilty.

Ordeal by combat

Noblemen would normally fight, to the death, the winner would be considered in the right.


They murder would be hung or given the death penalty

Women’s gossip

The women would have to wear something on their face that covers their mouth called a Scold’s bridle

High treason

This was very severe, the culprit would be hung and then cut down while alive. Then they would be beheaded, and his body would be cut into fours and sent to different cities to be put on display


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