Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Camya Robinson

3/14/17. Camya Robinson in front of the Florida Museum of Natural History. Photo credit to Camya Robinson.

Nature on Display

3/14/17. Camya Robinson in front of the Frog Exhibit. Photo Credit to Camya Robinson.

The exhibit that was particularly appealing to me was the Frogs! A Chorus of Colors exhibit. It's coincidental because I am actually learning about amphibians in my wildlife class right now. So, this exhibit provided me with much needed supplemental material that I could use in my academic studies. Around the exhibit, there were many pictures of frogs which showcased how diverse this group of animals were. There were various sizes, shapes, colors, and calls. On the walls, there were also facts listed, such as defining characteristics of frogs and the difference between frogs and toads. It helped to learn these facts and then be able to observe these characteristics in actual live frogs. Being able to see live specimens definitely helped me learn, compared to just looking at pictures. Also, being in the exhibit helped me compare the sizes of frogs to my own size. For example, I got a real sense of how huge the goliath frog was seeing a replica up close. Being in such an urbanized area, it's hard making it out into nature. When I'm at the FLMNH, however, I do feel as though I am closer to the natural world. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience.

3/14/17. Picture of Milk frogs located in the frog exhibit. Photo credit to Camya Robinson

Nature and Ethics

3/14/17. Camya Robinson in the butterfly garden. Photo credit by Camya Robinson

The Natural History Museum provided me with the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends. Walking through the museum, I felt calm; there was a serene atmosphere. I was thinking about how interesting all of the exhibits were. I was motivated to go out onto nature trails more often because, if it felt this good in the museum, it has to feel better in the actual outdoors. It was great to see others react to the museum, especially the kids. They were so filled with awe and amazement. It was refreshing to see such innocent curiosity. Many people are busy and can't find time to go and enjoy nature, or they just don't know where to go. The Natural History Museum allows visitors to connect with nature in a safe and highly informational way. My personal experience in the museum strengthened my love for nature and my dedication to protecting the land. Like Leopold imagines, I appreciate the environment and all of its components. I want to conserve these lands so that they can be enjoyed for future generations.

3/14/17. The Butterfly exhibit in the Florida Museum of Natural History. Photo credit by Camya Robinson

Nature and the Human Spirit

3/14/17. A picture of the jaws of extinct shark species. Photo credit by Camya Robinson

The Natural History Museum kind of creates a sublime experience for the visitor. I ended up feeling connected to nature. I was a part of a much larger community. To see how much our natural history has changed overtime is truly stunning. One of my favorite exhibits was the Florida Fossils. Humongous animals used to exist such as the mammoth, Megalodon, and the giant ground sloth. The evolution of the organisms and the land itself shows how magnificent and ever-changing the earth is. The museum helps us understand that we belong to vast and complex system of events.

3/14/17. A photo of a mammoth skeleton replica within the Florida Museum of Natural History. Photo credit by Camya Robinson

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