Term 1a, week 3 In the week where the house captains were elected...

The week began with us writing an email to the Oriental Museum in Durham.

We, Creating Connections, are working with them to create a virtual exhibition about the Shang Dynasty.

In the email, we discussed what we would do in order to fulfil the commission we have been set. We will create informative videos, narrate clips, use photos, display artefacts and create a virtual tour.

Also this week, we held the elections for our new House Captains. The candidates had to write a letter of application and then present to the class in order to persuade them for votes.

The presentations were fab and thoroughly prepared for.

The speaking was clear and concise.

Some candidates used props to support their presentation.

When all the candidates had presented, the voting was opened and the class used a ballot paper to vote.

The votes were then counted and verified...

.... and these are the elected candidates. Meet Year 5’s House Captains. Melek for Blue House, Chris for Green House, Sienna for Red House and Soliana for Yellow House.

Don’t they look pleased and proud?

So they should, well and truly deserved!

This week was also Anti-Bullying Week. In our Reading Sessions, we read articles and poetry with an anti-bullying theme and we had some very mature discussions about some tough issues.

We celebrated Odd Socks Day too which is held to show that we are all unique.

Summer-Leigh was in Golden Book this week for helping and supporting others in her reading group. Well done Summer-Leigh!

Najla joined our class this week and was made to feel very welcome. For settling so well into life in Year 5, she was our Star of the Week- the first of many, I’m sure! Welcome to St John’s Najla.