Ty Le Blanc "Reflections of Me"

Ty Le Blanc is a Texas Native, born of African and French decent. Rooted in Southern Louisiana with a Westside Detroit upbringing. Currently residing in Europe for the last 10 years, her combined experiences and travels have lead her to this current musical destination. She embarks upon her forever journey with her latest album "Reflections of Me".

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Chalked full of melodic harmonies and sultry undertones, this album offers an overall chill vibe with upbeat undertones. The 2 disk cd is story telling at its best. As each song unfolds it releases every emotion in the book, addressing heavy as well as light hearted topics. With this album you will get to know Ty Le Blanc personally as she takes you on a reflective journey of her past, present and hopes and Ideas for the future.

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To Listen to the whole double disc cd (Dusk/Dawn) visit Bandcamp https://tyleblanc.bandcamp.com





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Music by TMT Publishing


Terry Hicks, Uli Wolf