maori culture -hailee jay

what is a powhiri ? A powhiri is a religious ceremony . A powhiri is a welcoming to see if the arrivals are good or bad . It starts with a karanga , which is when two women from opposite sides,exchange information about themselves.
Who is Ranginui and Papatuanuku ?What do they do ? ~~ Ranginui and Papatuanuku are the gods of the sky and earth. Ranginui is the sky father , Papatuanuku is mother earth. They had many children which were all male . Their children were cramed in darkness between Rangi and Papa . Tane Mahuta (son) wanted to separate his parents so that they could live in the light . He then separated them even though his brothe tawhiri didnt agree . They cried . Legends say that when it rains Ranginui is crying for Papatuanuku .
What is a haka ? A haka is a dance that maori used to do in war to try intimidate the threat . It is an ancestral cry ,they bulge their eyes and poke out ther tounges so they intimidate them . Maori believed that calling out to the gods would help them win the battle .
What is kapa haka ? Kapa haka translated is line dance , kapa being line and haka being dance . Kapa haka is when a group is singing and chanting to express their culture . For kapa haka they still do the same thing like haka , mau rakau ( maori weaponry ) , poi (what the girls are doing in the photo) and moteatea (traditional maori songs ).
what is a tamoko ? Why do maori have it on their face ? A ta moko is a traditional maori tettoo which is usually seen on the face , back , and legs . Each moko will have information like family history and social structures. But if you get a family ta moko you can only have it above your waist . A head is considered the most sacred part of th body . Men are not the only ones who are allowed ta moko , women usually have them on their chin , upper lip , forehead ,nostrils and throat and now they have them on the back , arms , legs .
what kind of boats did maori have ? Maori had waka which is a maori canoe. There are different types of waka 2 being made for fishing and one for war. A waka was like a car , the Aotearoa ( New Zealand ) waterways were like roads. There are now competitions that involve traditional waka . Waka are still being made to this day . The waka would usually be blessed before they use it

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