Common Exhibit #5 Professor Interview

Professor Ranjanbala Amin: Meditation and Relaxation

Questions that I asked my professor:

1) What do you do in addition to teaching?

"Now I also teach at a Local Yoga Studio and teach private clients in the community."

2) What made you decide on this career?

"I have always loved and enjoyed sharing about Indian culture and the way of living with different age groups and cultures around the world, Yoga and Meditation being part of that."

3) What was your major in college and where did you attend?

"My major was Medical Technology. I attended University in India, London, and Illinois."

4) Are you where you thought you would be in college?

"No, but it is more aligned with my inner being!"

5) What general advice would you give to college students regarding success?

"Success is when you are happy, content, and grateful from within about yourself, what you are doing, and which direction you are headed."

6) What are your expectations for students in your classroom?

"Mindfulness and respect for all within the class."

7) How do you define learning?

"Learning is an experience that transfers into knowing/knowledge and wisdom."

8) How do you define teaching?

"Teaching is drawing the interest and hunger in students to transform information into learning."

9) What subject was most difficult for you as a college student and why?

"Physics, as my interest was low and my teacher was not able to connect with me."

10) What non-academic skill do you think is most important for college students?

"Being present with NOW (mindfulness) and knowing and appreciating all that they have."

11) What is the greatest non-academic skill that college students today lack?

"Coping skills for college work load, time management, and too much time on devices."

12) How can college students develop this skill at Clemson University?

"By self-discipline, taking time out from devices and for themselves to be quiet and still, getting enough sleep, creating some healthy habits that helps them to achieve balance and reduce stress. Leisure classes can be beneficial to them as that is where they can relax, be themselves, and get skills like Yoga and Meditation to maintain health and healing!"

Reflection on Interview

Reflection on the Interview:

I chose to interview my Meditation and Relaxation professor because she seems to be relaxed, calm, and never lets her worries effect her. That is the type of person I aspire to be because I know that with stress and anxiety, my mood can easily be affected. With most of her answers I was not surprised at all. Her answers had to do with mindfulness and respect and being content with your inner-self. I thought that her answer to the definition of teaching was particularly well said and interesting. Getting students to transform information into learning is a different perspective that I have never considered teaching from. From this conversation I learned that being happy originates from your inner self and you have to be calm and focus on meditation. This interview has shifted my view of faculty. Most faculty are stressed out and complain about their job, whereas this professor is always genuinely happy and calm. I have never seen her upset, and she was happy to answer my questions.


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