March 2019 E-Update


To expand economic activity within Yuma County by attracting commerce and industry to the region, and by assisting in developing the region's existing industry to its fullest potential.


Greater Yuma will be recognized as a globally competitive region - one that embraces advancing technology, attracts and retains human capital and continues to develop & foster the amenities that make the Yuma Region a great place to live and work.

Message from the President

Greater Yuma hosted the Austin Company during the month of February. The Austin Company is a nationally renowned site selection firm representing 100’s of companies within the food processing, aviation and manufacturing industries throughout the world. We spent a packed three days with the firm touring several of our major employers in the food industry as well as our major manufacturers. Austin also participated in the opening demonstrations of the Agriculture Summit and finished their tour with the Harvest Dinner.

Their overall opinion of the area and the opportunities available here, were incredibly positive. Time was spent dissecting our website and marketing materials along with assistance on preparing for our next consultant familiarization tour. It was incredibly valuable to get a peek behind the curtain from a consultant on how companies identify sites and eliminate communities. We also had the privilege to remain in the room while Austin interviewed our plant managers about the area’s business environment. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback our managers gave in response to direct questions about our region’s competitiveness. Our workforce and our location continue to be the main ingredients for their success. The managers were also very complimentary of the governmental oversite at the state and local levels.

Austin strongly believes by adding the Dallas flight to Yuma we will open several more opportunities for Yuma County, especially in aerospace sector due to the large presence of defense contractors in Dallas/Ft Worth. Austin has committed to making introductions with their Dallas division along with their site selection colleagues due to the impressive showcase they experienced. Our biggest challenge will continue to be getting the attention of site selection firms whom are courted by every large and small city in the U.S. It’s a very competitive market but we are confident that Yuma will continue to garner more positive attention with every visit.

GYEDC Quarterly Luncheon had a great turnout for our introduction to the Senator John McCain Yuma Spaceport. Our guest speaker, Alex Rodriguez from Vector Systems, detailed the growth potential in this industry sector and we are very excited to be involved at the front end of this industry sector. The Yuma Sun did a very nice job covering the portion of the luncheon that was on the record. KYMA will be conducting an interview with me March 1st to discuss this endeavor.

GYEDC will continue to keep our investors up to date on both ongoing initiatives.


Julie Engel


GYEDC will continue engaging with business in Yuma County through our Business Retention and Expansion Survey for 2019. This year we are visiting Agriculture, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Utilities in an effort to mitigate issues that deter future success of operating a business in Yuma County. If you would like to participate in this survey, please call our office at (928) 782-7774 or, you can also email Karime Hayer at khayer@greateryuma.org to schedule a visit with one of the staff members.

In order to secure our position as the preeminent site for Arizona's first spaceport, GYEDC will continue to attend and speak at various aerospace and defense events occurring throughout the state. Recently, we attended the America's Aerospace Cluster conference in Scottsdale. The conference focused on Arizona's future in aerospace travel, manufacturing and testing. Yuma's spaceport received attention from multiple industry partners as the catalyst for the state's entry into commercial aerospace exploration. The next step in the development of the John McCain Spaceport will require legislative support of House Bill 2434.



GYEDC and its partners invite you to support the Summer Works in Yuma Program by hiring a teacher for a temporary job this summer. Please help the Yuma County schools retain our teachers. https://www.summerworksinyuma.com/


AWC & NAU will be hosting Startup Weekend April 12-14, 2019 to promote entrepreneurial learning and creative problem solving. We invite you to participate through donations and volunteering. Please contact Karime Hayer at khayer@greateryuma.org or call (928) 782-7774 if you are interested in being a mentor or judge.


Goodwill and Yuma Union High School District are pairing up for the third time to host a Job Fair on Friday, March 7, 2019 at the Goodwill Career Center located at 3097 S. 8th Avenue in Yuma. This fair will focus on teaching, counseling, transportation and tutoring. Click below to find out more.
NAU-Yuma was part of a delegation led by NAU President Rita Cheng to partner with Center for Technical and Higher Education University (CETYS) in Mexicali. The institutions will work together to create global opportunities for students and stimulate business growth.
Siblings Lynda Perry and Virgil Moore sought treatment together at Yuma Regional Medical Center after they were diagnosed with cancer. Despite their family urging them to go to a bigger hospital, they chose to stay in Yuma to be close to their loved ones during treatment. Lynda, Virgil and their family were very impressed with the care they received from the Cancer Center at YRMC. Lynda is in remission and Virgil is playing golf again.
Congratulations to the Yuma Union High School District students who participated in the 2019 SkillsUSA Region One Competition on February 8 at AWC. The students took home 118 out of 134 possible medals, including 27 gold medals. More than 600 students participated from different high schools in the annual competition that focused on 40 different skills.


Governor Doug Ducey presented a localized version of his State of the State address to Yuma County on Thursday, February 7th, 2019 at Arizona Western College.
The Governor recognized all of those who worked hard to help draft the Arizona Drought Contingency Plan.
GYEDC would like to thank all our guests for attending the Quarterly Investor Luncheon, especially guest speaker Alex Rodriquez of Vector Launch, Inc. Yuma has a very exciting future in the aerospace industry.
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