Feudalism By: Catherine Mullen

What is Feudalsim?

- Feudalsim is a strict social system in which landowners grant people land or other rewards in exchange for military service or labor.

What is a Manor?

- A Manor is a self-sufficient estate of a medieval lord.

Who lives on a Manor?

  • Lord
  • Serfs
  • Peasants
  • Specialists (Blacksmiths and carpenters)

Feudal Triangle

How are the society groups interdependent?

The King depends on the serfs to work on his land. The peasants and the servants depend on the lords to protect them. The noblemen depends on the King because they might get land from him. Then the knights depend on the nobleman because he would then give some of their land to the knights.

How does the feudal system affect politics?

Since there is a King in the feudal system, no one has a say in any of the choices.

How does the feudal system affect social structure?

Certain people don't really talk to other people. The serfs Barkley talk to the King because they just work on his land. The serfs don't get around because they are forced to work for him.

How does the feudal system affect the economy?

If there is a drought, the serfs can't grow crops, which makes the King suffer. Then, no one would be abel to grow crops.

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