Boom to Bust James keedle

Women protesting in the streets to get equal rights as men
Women protesting to get equal rights
People dancing and listening to jazz to take minds off the depression
People going to the movies to get away from reality
Family listening to the radio to pace time in the depression
Mexican family leaving America to Mexico
Mexican immigrants being deported
People trying to get to the bank
People trying to get money out of the bank
People going to the bank to get money back to get through the depression
Dust storm coming to cover the town
houses disappearing in the dust storm
Dust storm coming to engulf houses
Homeless men living in the train yards
Bonus army rebuilding buildings and streets
Family living in the depression trying to eat
Homeless going to a hoover vile and making their homes out of scraps

Boom to Bust

Home life in the 1930s was very rough for many. Families had no money to get from banks, lost all of it in because of debt, and many lost all of it to the crash. This then made home life very difficult for all. Fathers had to find a way to put food on the table, mothers had to keeps the kids healthy, and the family had to keep hopes up and stay positive. Home life for farmers was very difficult. In World War ll farmers had to over produce crops to feed troops and allied troops. So when the war ended the price of farm goods was very low because there was so much. Farm families were fine on food and water but they had very little money. Overproducing was very rough on the soil. Eventually it cause the soil to be infertile and dry. Because the soil was dry and loose whenever there was a gust of wind it would pick up all the loose soil and cause giant walls of dust that would cover anything in its path. These giant walls of dust were called dust storms. These dust storms would cover anything such as homes and the dust would suffocate animals and clogged up people's lungs which would slowly kill them. Women also had a hard time in the 1930s. Women were fighting for equal rights and equal pay because women were not treated the same as men. Women wanted equal pay and rights because men saw women as wives who stayed at home and took care of the family. But women did not want to be treated like this so they got jobs but they were not treated the same as men. They did not get payed the same and treated the same. This then made women protest for rights.

Leisure time did not really change a lot in the 1930s. People still went to the movies, go to speakeasies, and listen to the radio. The most that changed was that people did it a bit more because they had more time on their hands because they lost their jobs in the depression. Leisure time for blacks increased because when businesses had to lay off workers blacks were the first to get fired. So then blacks went to play music in places such like speakeasies to get paid. This then made everyone's day a bit better by getting lost within the music. Bankers and stock brokers lost their jobs because banks closed and the stock market crashed. This then made them have plenty of free time so they did whatever they needed to do or want to do.

The economy was very bad in the 1930s. Everyone was buying items on credit with money they did not have which made them in debt. This then helped cause the stock market crash. When the stock market crashed the banks closed which then made everyone one who worked their loose their jobs such as bankers. And during the crash businesses were losing money so they then laid off workers. This then eventually made the businesses go out of business because there was no workers. This then made the economy stay low because everyone is losing jobs and money.

The role in government changed a lot in the 1930s. The government went from a hands off and let the businesses do their thing to hands on we must change things up. FDR made many different things to help people like social security. He also formed the bonus army which was made up of homeless men who had nothing to do. This bonus army then helped rebuild streets and buildings. So the government make a “safety net” so that it would be harder for the U.S to go back in a depression.

This is how America was affected in the 1930s depression. With people losing everything they had to the government coming back and helping its people.

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