Chosen by a Horse By: Susan Richards

In the early years of Susan Richards she had strugled with a lot of things. Her mother had died when she was at the age of 5. She was sent to her unsympathetic cousins who did not care if she was related to them. After them she was sent to her abusive and alcoholic grandparents. They would drink to much and the night would usually end in violence. There was a home for her that felt like an actually place to live- her great grandmother house. After that she married unhappily and ended up getting a divorce. Even though her terrible years in her early life she really embraced what her great grandmother told her.

Susan Richards had made a lot of accomplishment in her life time. After divorcing her no good and abusive husband she leaned on her horses. She had adopted most of her horses a while ago so that she could nurse them. One extremely special horses was Lay me down, she was abused by her recent owners and was almost close to death. Susan went out of her way and adopted her and her foal. When lay me down had a problem with her eye she stepped up and treated her like she was her own blood. She provided such a good life for all of her horses and never let any of them feel like they had nothing the way she did.

Although Susan Richards was known for her big heart, there were some negative aspects in her life. She, in her early life, was an alcoholic. She had to deal with her traumas of her childhood and her horrible husband. After she left her old life she began to do new things and be the person that she wanted to be after all of these years.

Susan Richards had a mind blowing effect on the community. She had dropped all of her things to help a broken and terrified horse standing alone with no one in the world. She sacrificed her social status and her lifestyle to help this horse and her foal. Even though it was just a horse to her it meant so much more in perspective. I feel by her doing this she really has refilled humanity in humans because it means just so much.

Absolutely yes, I would recommend this book to someone. This is a great book to anyone has lost anyone or has someone very close to them. It is a very powerful and truthful book that can really change your perspective of something. It also tells you to stand up for yourself and really believe in people.


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