It's Not About The Van It's About Me And 3 Other People Travelling Around The Highlands And Islands Of Scotland (In A Van), Seeing Some Epic Scenery (In A Van), Doing Some Cool Stuff (In A Van), And Battling Against Millions Of Dreadful Midges (In A Bloody Van)

Scotland, it should be said, is not a large place by global standards. It is in fact wee, to use the preferred (and overused) parlance of the populace. The vastness it occupies within the hearts and minds of countless adventurers, explorers, poets, artists and romantics, however, both throughout history and modern days, belies its geographic dimensions. In the landscape of the human imagination, Scotland is bloody feckin massive.

Wee mountains, but full of tall tales.

Perhaps it is this mysterious massiveness of the mind which dissuades so many native born Scots (never mind other Brits) from venturing out to the far corners of their homeland. Or maybe people are just too weighed down and sedated by a steady diet of deep fried this, carbonated that, and vacuous infotainment - topped, of course, by heaving helpings of booze - to be bothered. This is a modern, pinnacle-of-human-achivement-and-evolution Western society after all.

Just like watching Gogglebox, but with less crotch sweat and odour.

Then again, maybe folk simply want an escape from the oh-so-often shit weather and a shot at some sunshine - and, like, warmth - when they go on holiday. Eh, fair enough.

Reenforcing stereotypes.

To me though Scotland is foreign territory (duh, I'm a foreigner) and ripe for exploring. So that's what my wife Steph (Scotswoman, maven of curiosity and adamant non-ginger [strawberry blonde]) and I do. We go and see stuff. We go and climb mountains. We make photos. We drink coffee. We see more stuff.

But we've never been by van. Until now.

The van, pictured for illustrative purposes only because this story isn't about the van.

The itinerary? Simple!

- Pick-up Barry (Scotsman and undeniable ginger) in Aberdeen and drive to Falkirk.

- Meet Laura (Irishwoman and allergic to alcohol [unique amongst her people]) at the van rental place in Falkirk.

- Load up the van and head north and west to the Isle of Skye, Isle of Harris, and Isle of Lewis.

- See stuff, do stuff, drink stuff, and photograph stuff.

So lets go! First stop, Skye.

Then it's across The Minch to Harris and Lewis.

Back to Skye and then the mainland for a final nights camp on the shores of Loch Tay.

Next stop.....a van dealership!

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