Saturation of Earth Aaron Elvin-Temple, April 18th 2017

Class vote of 11 students about that we are overpopulating the Earth.

I believe that we should stop overpopulating the Earth.

Reason 1: The population of the world is increasing too fast.

The population of the world has increased by a lot and is suspected to increase by a lot more by the years. In the US the amount of people in just ten year has changed very surprisingly. The 2010 Census reported 308.7 million people in the United States, a 9.7 percent increase from the Census 2000 population of 281.4 million.

Reason 2: We will eventually run out of space to put all of our people on Earth.

Including land and water of the whole Earth counting the habitable places the whole Earth is 510,000,000 square kilometers. Pretend that the people population is exactly 7,000,000, this is the amount of people that would take up each: 13.7 per km2.

Reason 3: We have increased in size too rapidly.

In just about 10 or more or less years we grow over one billion. Eventually Earth would just be covered in people. Think about jobs what would we do if we had so many people we would have a person for the job which might leave even more people jobless.

This way of limiting the population is difficult because it requires lives to be lost, maybe we could keep the people who would be useful to society and exterminate or something else to the rest who are ineligible.

A way that probably won’t work but it would probably stop some of the world population growth is to stop some of the pregnancies so we don’t have as many children for a while.

What we could do is to possibly limit the population per square mile or something along those lines but probably it wouldn’t work.

Counter Argument

Overpopulation isn’t the problem it’s overcrowding since some places that are supposed to be overpopulated aren’t a closed environment and they are actually a overcrowded environment.

Rebuttal to Counter Argument

Well I guess that is true in a way but a lot or some people aren’t going to move since they don’t want to or can’t. Also overcrowding doesn’t include eventually using up all of the resources since we keep getting more and more people. I’m not asking much and hopefully this shouldn’t be a problem but there is something you the reader can do to possibly ever so slightly help overpopulation.

Call to Action

Here is what you can do, don’t have children or if you do have at least one or two. This will hopefully help to decrease the population of humans in the world.


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