Spring Break in Italy March 10 - 19, 2017


This year, during the week of March 10 - 19, I took a group of students to Italy for an incredible spring break adventure. Our trip included visiting Rome, Venice, Florence, Assisi,and the Sorrento Region.

"In Italy, you can travel through thousands of years of history to witness some of humankind’s most transformative moments. Ancient Roman advances in engineering made the Colosseum possible. At the Duomo in Renaissance Florence, the world took its first steps out of the Dark Ages. And Venice’s Grand Canal was at the heart of one of the world’s great naval powers." http://www.eftours.com/educational-tour/italy

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Every one chose to pay a little extra for the optional excursion to Pisa. The chance to see this iconic landmark while posing was too hard to resist!

The food was absolutely incredible! Literally every day, we had some type of pizza and gelato. The pasta was incredibly light and fresh and the sauces were like nothing I've tasted before. The students were in heaven!
A Day in Venice

In Venice, we explored the city by foot and water because there are no roads. Cars and bicycles are not allowed on the island. We rode a gondola, which was one of the best ways to see the city. We also visited the Rialto Bridge along the Grand Canal, ate in St. Mark's Square, and watched a glass-blowing demonstration.

When in Rome

There's a saying in Italy that "all roads lead to Rome." For us, this was definitely true. We began and ended our journey in Rome where we visited the Trevi Fountain to make wishes, peaked inside the Pantheon, ran up the Spanish Steps, and toured the Vatican and Sistine Chapel.

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Jennifer Reaves


Photos by Jennifer Reaves

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