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Gray Hope Missionaries Video Production is back on line.

It's been an eventful month here in Honduras and we are both relieved and overjoyed to be back in business.

The new Origin is a visual media powerhouse. There will be another IMI City of Refuge update coming your way soon. Thank you so very much to all who donated. We'd be "dead in the water" without you.

That said...

We are still trying to rescue Sehily

That requires patience and praying Psalm 4:4. We are still dealing with a dysfunctional and corrupt government agency. As it stands now our plan is to make a another trip on Aug 22th to check on the family, try to schedule a move and deliver some donated supplies. We'll keep you updated. Prayers are appreciated.

Mr. Botangles is in full adolescent mode and developing a bit of an entitlement issue.

Never the less, we continue to develop creative strategies for the kids who need to develop trust and Mr. Botangles who needs patience.

Our scholarship recipients are proving themselves worthy of your investments and are expressing their gratitude with above 90% GPAs

July is anniversary month for the IMI School with our yearly Science fair that featured everything from math games to bubble makers to card board VR goggles.

The Cultural fair took place during the same week and featured among other things traditional Honduran Indian garb hand sewn by the girls themselves.

Meanwhile Cowgirl Cathy found some rope...

and lassoed a couple of cowboy apprentices. The simplest things can provide hours of entertainment in Honduras as they did before the age of computers, smartphones and video games .

Antonio's brother Gerson had cancer surgery.

He is recovering and his prognosis is excellent.

A youth group from Washington helped us put a permanent roof on the family's home.

It was a challenging day that began with hauling a generator and tools about a mile up the mountain.

followed by a scorpion bite

16 year old Jose was a little freaked out at first because his uncle had died from a scorpion bite in Mexico

Not to worry the venomous effects were held at bay by diphenhydramine, sugar and prayer.

The Hondurans assured him that his arm and tongue might go numb but he would be fine. They didn't.

That's when Martha, Antonio's mom got a call from a neighbor.

He wanted to let her know that he was on his way up to chop her into pieces with a machete.

So we took turns calmly standing guard. It was a good time to discuss how we should respond if the would be assailant showed up. Jesus was not violent. He also was not a mad demon hunter. But like Jesus, we stood ready to cast out any that wanted to come our way.

Then Martha got word from her husband who had just walked home from the hospital after falling himself, that her oldest daughter had fallen at school and broken her arm.

So she and Cathy headed off walking for about 3 miles to find Martha a taxi to the hospital.

Later on Cathy got to do her all time favorite activity...

Which is to stop for everyone she meets.

The day ended with a bunch of women encountering Jesus in Cathy around the village well.

They asked us to come back.

The newest development in our ministry is that we have become coaches for the

Adventures in Missions World Race Gap Year

We just spent a week at training camp in Gainsville GA.

In a nut shell, recent High school graduates postpone their first year of college to do missions in 4 countries in nine months. As for our part we stay in touch with them via their blogs, social media and by phone to help them navigate the inner journey that accompanies the outer. Then Adventures in Missions flies us into a different country every three months to debrief our squad of about 50 kids. They cover all the expenses associated with the trip. Its a nice change of pace and a great opportunity to speak into the lives of some really awesome members of Gen Z. That's something I miss about my old job with Hina Mauka Teen CARE in Hawaii. Now we get to work with kids who could have been my clients. What can we say? God is good! First stop; Ecuador in October.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.

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