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We are excited to report that our scholarship campaign was a resounding success.

We raised a total of 1800 dollars and provided five scholarships. Thank you, thank you so much to all who donated! Pictured from left to right are School Principal Laura, Nataly, Mahely, her sister Keily, (not Karen, I told some of you her name was Karen) Maria, and Christopher.

If you saw our previous newsletter you will remember Mahely who burst into tears when we asked, “what is your hope for the future?” Ironically, her mother got cold feet and became reticent about accepting the opportunity. Her reason; because she could not be certain that the opportunity would be there for Mahely and her sister Keily the following year. Hope can be a scary thing in a place where suffering not success is expected.

At any rate we told her that we could not be certain we would be alive next year but where “God guides he provides.” It’s no coincidence that Mahely was chosen and we will do our best.

Mahely was not crying when we presented her with a one-year scholarship. Instead we saw a fiery determination and hope in her eyes.

All had the same look of serious determination even Maria who was sick and had a fever that day. She walked from her house in the 90-degree heat to receive her scholarship.

A lot of people know Antonio

IMI, the ministry under which we serve has been caring for Antonio since he was a little boy. His mother sent him to us because his older brothers were involved in gangs and drug trafficking and she wanted to prevent Antonio from following in their footsteps. His spina bifida and club foot meant that he was nearly crippled. Today after several surgeries and a lot of God’s grace Antonio is one of the healthiest and brightest young men at the City of Refuge.

It’s been nearly decade and Antonio’s brothers are gone but his family is suffering. The rainy season is upon us again and so this month we traveled to their home to do a makeshift roof repair.

His stepfather is nearly crippled.

The terrain where they live doesn’t make life any easier.

The family survives by making mud bricks to sell.

They have no real plumbing to speak of. In fact, this is their only water source.

As if things couldn’t get worse, we just learned that Antonio’s six-year-old brother Gerson (pronounced Harrison) has cancer.

We will do our best to help them. Please pray. And when you hear politicized stories about immigration in the news please remember that this family is more representative of Central American life and people

than are members of the MS13 or 18th Street Gangs.

A few weeks ago, we learned about Sehily a 7 year old Lenca Indian girl with Cerebral Palsy.

We set out with our team that included Paola and Daniella, two girls from the city of Refuge and Sagrario our Honduran social worker to do a home visit.

It was a five hour journey by four-wheel drive and foot to her house in the mountains near La Esperanza and close to the border with El Salvador. Honestly, we did not know what we would be able to do to help when we got there other than give them the food and cloths we’d brought and pray for a miracle.

That Cathy is a licensed massage therapist helped a little too.

Long story short the family was amazed because it was the first time they’d ever seen Sehily smile.

In the end the family wants help the only stipulation being that they be able to visit her wherever she is placed. We are working to jump through all the legal and bureaucratic hoops that govern life in a socialist nation. Please keep us in prayer.

Follow this link If you’d like to view a short video of our outreach shot in part by Paola. https://vimeo.com/271954971

We hear news of political chaos in the US, the never-ending threat of world war, natural disasters like the flooding on our Island home of Kauai Hawaii and the volcano erupting on the Big Island. As we participate in the poverty, suffering and sometimes danger of living in the third world we are reminded that while we may experience it at times, Jesus did not promise prosperity and blessing in this life but tribulation and even persecution, that perilous times shall come. It would seem that life is getting harder for everyone everywhere. And while we certainly hunger and thirst for righteousness and will stand for it at the cost of being disliked if and when it is required. We are not here because we think WE can save the world. Only God can save. We are here because HE led us here. That is all.

It is in that knowledge and obedience that we can have peace and joy amidst suffering and turmoil.

As David wrote in Psalm 131; My heart is not proud, Lord, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me. But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.

We have incredible peace here. We pray that all of you will know that same peace as well.

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