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It’s been exactly one year since we were with Carolyn Figlioli, her 130 orphans and 50,000 refugees from the civil war in South Sudan. They literally had nothing. We wanted to stay in the Rhino Refugee camp in Northern Uganda but God called us back to Honduras instead.

Which is making a lot more sense these days because there are a more than a few similarities between what happened there and what could be starting here now.

They say the "the truce is for Christmas and respect for our Lord Jesus Christ." Still others are looking for "sponsors" to give them guns."

34 protesters killed and 600 injured so far. Numbers are abstract. Suffering is not. These pictures are here so you know how to pray and for others to recognize the fruit of any conflict over power and money alone.

To paraphrase what Ravi Zacaraias said to one of the four founders of Hamas, we will continue to offer our sons and daughters as sacrifices until we accept the one who gave His own son as the final sacrifice for all.

Please enjoy the blessings of love and family, food and gifts this Christmas. Please also take a moment to remember and pray for the millions of suffering people caught in poverty and conflict here in Honduras and around the world.

In the mean time we remain focused on the things that matter most.

Like rebuilding families on outreach, french fries and family style dinner groups, horses and rabbits and the magic of playing with cornstarch slime. Remaining childlike in spite of our circumstances while we care for children is key in being a missionary.

Of course we are being wise. For example we did emergency and second site evacuation drills with the kids that were serious but fun. So much so that some of the girls requested that we do one in the middle of the night.

We continue with our regular discipleship groups, the girls are loving the gym more than the boys and we have our Sunday church run by the children. Horse therapy with Mr. Botangles continues and we even preformed a missionary wedding.

Christmas means Tamales in Honduras and the process of making them is a very big deal here.

But not everything is fun games. We do serious stuff too. The boys cut down a tree by the river with a machete and carried it for almost half a mile.

Then carved a cross by hand.

They weren't always quite as serious or reverent as some might hope.

Alas "boys will be boys" applies in Honduras too.

But we got it mostly done for Christmas

Why a cross at Christmas you ask? Well Christmas trees are pretty, but they really don't have anything to do with the birth of Jesus who incidentally wasn't actually born on Christmas anyway. While we don't know his actual birthday we do know that He was destined for the cross long before he was born. Everyone here loved it so much that we decided to have service on Christmas eve under it. The topic: Isaiah 9:6

We'll continue to sand it until Passover and then carry it up to this mountain chapel that was donated and built by one of our Honduran workers after his son was murdered. He built it in honor of his own son and the God who gave His son for all of us.

The situation is not resolved. Yet we remain hopeful that things will improve in Honduras. Lots of people have been at the orphanage as well as the streets.

Prayer works.

If you want the more philosophical version regarding what we have been experiencing then click here

Otherwise standby for the video of the the final journey of our cross that will begin on the first day of Passover Friday March 30th 2018. May God continue to bless and protect all of you and your loved ones in Jesus' mighty name. We love you all.

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