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It’s been almost exactly a month since we finally departed Hawaii for Honduras. It feels likes months. Ironically our family in Hawaii says it feels like it it’s only been a week. Things move slower here. Especially the traffic.

We live in a tiny farm house that is maybe 400 square feet.

It came with its own Honduran washer and dryer.

Which is kinda good because apparently there is no word for OSHA in Spanish.

The neighbors are friendly and mostly quiet. Except for the chickens of course. But we are from Kauai and therefore immune to the sound of chickens.

Goro the guardian of the farm howls a little too. Yes, he looks cute. He acts cute too. He also pees on his ears. That’s important in case you visit and think about petting him.

Rocko is in charge of security for the rest of the orphanage. Don’t be scared if charges at you. Simply yell “Rocko is a good dog!” He’s probably just attacking the rattle snake behind you anyway.

Rocko’s assistant at the main gate helps out with security too

What we do here is actually pretty serious. If you are interested and haven’t already seen our latest video update then go ahead and click here

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