Little Talks cat cafe

This man is desperate for our products. Look at his anguished face. This man is lost, cold, terrified. He needs small cakes and cats. He Little Talks cafe

  • This is the man's yoga group after we saved him. He got his life together after finding our cafe. He fixed his relationship with his ex wife Sharon. He gets three days a week with his kids got a promotion at Walgreens. He is now the meat superviser. Although he has mild thigh pain he still makes it through the day with his Kitty Kitty Meow Meow Spa Massage Adventure Nyah~ only at exclusive Little Talks locations.

We support the charity Kick Unrealistic Body Standards Until They're Dead also known is Kubsutd. Our services include massages, cakes, tea, air conditioners, pies, cookies, and cat shaped items.

Purr Purr Wiggle Cat Coffee
Angelica the destroyer enjoying a cup of jo
Happy costumers

Our mission is to make sure all of our guests enjoy themselves and stay happy. Studies show that happy people are less violent. The people of Little Talks are trying to send the message that being bad is.....bad, and thats not good.

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Isabel Donaldson

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