Feathernest The story of an egg

Who came first ? The ostrich or the egg ?

At first there was the Art!

oudshoorn, South africa

At the Ostrich Farm John is using the resources to create decoupage and engraved ostrich eggs and the ubiquitous ostrich feather dusters. They are all made with skill and love by John and his family who take pride in their crafts.

"I engraved the first eggs when i was 10 years old- they looked horrible! The years passed and when i now look at the ostrich egg I´m quite happy with my little piece of art"

Tradition & style

keep it clean with a feather duster

Feather dusters have been used for centuries to collect and remove dust, and they`re still used today ! The soft, fine fibers of feathers have a natural static charge wich helps to attract the dust.

"The feathers are washed, fumigated, sorted by size and then they are ready to be glued and fixed with a wire to the handle. Then a plastic cap is pushed over the top of feathers and wire - that makes it more attractive. Now it can make a good job helping you to keep it clean! "

the end

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Simone Zeilermayr

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