The Flight of the Concord ... Every now and then, a special project comes along. This restoration of a stunning 1938 Concord Concert Upright Piano was one!

Funnily, we had spent months searching around Australia for an American piano of this era, only to find this one just 20 minutes away from our Norwood shop, in the Adelaide Hills.

Made from American ‘straight grained’ Walnut, this 1938 ‘Green Frame’ Concord Concert Upright Piano (134cm tall) was manufactured in Chicago, USA during the peak of the American Piano industry. Concord was a brand owned by George P Bent, a well-known American piano and organ maker of that period.

When it came into our workshop, the Concord was looking rather worse for wear – in fact, the panel below the keyboard had completely disappeared! However, its frame and structure was sound and, with some TLC, Joe knew it would be a beautiful piano once again! And so the work began…

Over several weeks, this special Concord received many hours of care and attention. It was completely disassembled, restored and rebuilt in our workshop. The orignal timber cabinet was stripped, sanded and repaired, then repolished with a beautiful honey-coloured French polish finish. The ivory keyboard was fully restored and the playing mechanism and pedal trap completely rebuilt. The strings, frame and soundboard were checked, cleaned up and retained, ensuring the authenticity of the piano’s sound and tone was kept.

Disassembling, repairing and repolishing the cabinet and rebuilding the playing mechanism

Once the work on the individual parts was complete, the piano was reassembled, the keyboard leveled, the mechanism and pedals adjusted, and the piano was tuned several times.

The end result was stunning, just as Joe knew it would be!

1938 Concord Concert Upright Piano fully restored by Leaver & Son

Joe and his team really enjoy making pianos look and sound beautiful once again and our workshop is always busy doing just that! Our current restoration projects include an August Forster and a Grotrien Steinway, both of which will be excellent pianos once they are finished.


Photos by Leaver & Son

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