My epic hero presentation

Confidence: Super man shows his confidence by his "pose" you can't be a super hero unless you have confidence every super hero should have confidence. Odysseus shows his confidence by telling his opponents that he will go fight and that he will win.
Integrity: Super man shows that he has integrity because he is willing to go fight to save the world in other words to keep it safe people can count on him, people can believe in him because he has integrity. Odysseus shows integrity because he is willing to still go to war knowing that his wife is back at home and may be fooling around with the other men.
Perseverance: Super man shows perseverance because no matter how many times he gets knocked down he comes back stronger and stronger. Odysseus showed perseverance because after many of his men got killed he still got back up to fight until he was able to go back to his hometown.
As I read more and more about all these characters it wouldn't really bother me if people were to think these traits would occur to my actions. As an example in school I was very lazy at least the first part of the year but I decided to get back up stronger and smarter and began to tell my self that I could do it in other words I have some confidence.

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