Tenure Danessa derry

Tenure is "the act, right, manner, or term of holding something (as a landed property, a position, or an office); especially : a status granted after a trial period to a teacher that gives protection from summary dismissal."

Iowa has something that is called the Iowa Code. This code states that the decision to terminate a teacher shall be for "just cause." Missouri, however, has tenure for their teachers.

Teachers within a tenure program do have the right to quit and they can also be fired under some circumstances. Here are some examples of how a teacher could still be fired under a tenure contract....

If the teacher has a physical or mental condition that renders him or her unfit to instruct or associate with children.

For immoral conduct.

For incompetence, inefficiency or insubordination in the line of duty.

For willful or persistent violation of Missouri’s school laws or the local school district’s published policies or regulations.

For excessive or unreasonable absences.

Unfortunately, with Iowa there is no guarantee of a contract for the next school year if something was to happen and the previous school year did not turn out "good" for you. However, in Missouri if your students didn't score as high as the district wanted them to on their state tests then the teacher would be given another chance under tenure. Meaning they would most likely be getting their contract back for the next school year.

I would personally choose to be a teacher in Missouri because it is almost like a second chance if perhaps your students were low and did not do well on their tests but you as a teacher did the best you could.

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